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China’s Involvement In Coronavirus

 China’s Involvement In Coronavirus

The relations between Australia and China have been more heated than ever recently. Now, as Australia pushes to start a private investigation into the pandemic and China’s involvement in making it worse, it looks like things will stay heated for a while. Australia’s draft demands a review of how the pandemic spread on a global scale, by starting an inquiry which is:

  • Impartial
  • Independent
  • Unbiased
  • Comprehensive

Why is this important

Most of this is not just because of the pandemic, but because of the way the Chinese government hid the news of the virus, handled the outbreak, put pressure on other countries to do the same, and tried their best not to let the information come out. Countless lives could have been saved, and the virus would not have taken such a monstrous form if China was not busy hiding and was helping instead.

China’s response

Beijing has been angered by the Australian initiative, with the Chinese governments applying enormous tariffs on barley, cutting off trade activities, including the import of beef. It seems like this is the only way China responds to most situations, considering their government doesn’t want to engage in a situation that might reveal truths about how badly they handled the pandemic.

Wang Yi – the Chinese Foreign Minister – has criticised international lawmakers and law professionals for politicising the situation in hopes of driving their objectives forward.

The support is pouring.

As a result, now 116 countries are backing Australia’s initiative of starting an independent, unbiased inquiry into the pandemic. After the European Union’s support, a total of 54 African nations recently joined the push, which skyrocketed the support Australia has had from the world regarding getting transparency into the matter.

Marise Payne – the foreign minister – stated recently that it was encouraging to see such support on the matter, adding that it is only appropriate to review how the situation escalated so severely that it led to a global outbreak, economic recession, and over 300,000 deaths. She called the support a win for the global community.

Paul Kelly – the Deputy Chief Medical Officer – says that it is particularly essential for the world to get to the bottom of this. And by this, he doesn’t mean shifting the blame to one country or the other, but to look at the true origins of the virus in hopes of a cure.

David Littleproud – the Agriculture Minister – said that the main point of the investigation is not to shift blame but to discover the lessons the entire world can take from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. He added that this was the only responsible thing to do when the global death toll has crossed 300,000.

So far, Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, has stated that the attempts at the inquiry are unremarkable.

It looks like this inquiry might happen after all, as it very well should. The pandemic will not stop till we get a cure, and it will happen again in the future if we don’t take a look back and learn some lessons from it. Let’s hope it happens, for the betterment of all humanity.

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