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How About Travelling 10000 miles in just 4 Hours

 How About Travelling 10000 miles in just 4 Hours

Travelling across the world in a matter of 4 hours seems like a job for superman, right? But if Reaction Engines ltd. succeeds in its plans, it will be ‘normal’ passengers and not super humans who will be travelling halfway across the globe in a few hours. The British aerospace firm has been working on an engine so powerful that it will be able to carry 300 passengers over a long distance, in a short duration of time. The engine system which is currently called SABRE, will take the help of a new pre-cooler technology to run at a much higher level than its current capability.
This powerful engine system is slated for use in commercial planes as well as unpiloted space plane. Two models – LAPCAT A2 for commercial plane and SKYLON for the space plane are being worked on and will cost about US$1.1 billion each. But once these models are successfully put to use, especially SKYLON, it will help make space travel much cheaper. It will take off and land like a conventional plane but will fly like a rocket, making it way more convenient than present models.
The developers are hoping for a flight test of the SABRE engine in just about 4 years from now. If everything goes well, we might be flying across continents at five times the speed of sound, in a matter of a few years.

Ankit Gupta

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