UK government bans Nude Scanner Mobile app

 UK government bans Nude Scanner Mobile app

It seems that the broadcasters of a channel in UK have landed themselves in soup after an advertisement of Nude Scanner 3D Mobile application wasae90d228-9e5b broadcasted which showed the image of a naked woman and that too at a time when children could have seen it easily. The advertisement has been banned in UK after many viewers expressed their anger and found it extremely demeaning.
There were a total of 26 complaints which came as soon as the advertisement was broadcasted out of which, 21 complained about the timing of the advertisement since their children might have seen the advertisement. The ad was broadcasted during 6 episodes of Hollyoaks on Channel 4 in which the breasts as well as the crotch of the woman were blurred out. Seven of the complainants expressed their anger by pointing out that such an advertisement can cause anti-social behaviour among people and henceforth, should not be broadcasted on television.

Muhammad Arslan Anjum

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