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Want To Make Your Christmas Tree A Stunner? Read On…

 Want To Make Your Christmas Tree A Stunner? Read On…

As Christmas time is approaching, most of us are preparing and decorating our homes for the festival. Staging and designing the Christmas tree marks the official start of Christmas time in your house.

So, if you already bought a stunning and impressive Christmas tree that is full of branches and filled with decorations. Whether it is an artificial Christmas tree or a real one, you would undoubtedly need some awesome designs and get the right styling.

To help you get the perfect design, I have asked Chyka Keebaugh, an Australian favourite homemaker, to give some design tips that nail a fabulous Christmas tree and here are her tips:

Getting Tools

According to Chyka, before you start setting up your Christmas tree, you need to get the right precision tools for the task. This will not only make you run the set up smoothly but also to stay organised. She said, “If you already bought Christmas lights in the previous year(s), ensure that they are neat and not tangled.” She added that you would also have to sort out your extension cord and power board before setting up the tree.

Show The Tree Some TLC

This goes mostly to those who had got their Christmas tree in the previous years. Chyka advised them to show their Christmas tree some TLC (tender loving care). She said, “Remember, the tree has been stored away for several months, so it needs a little TLC to look good.” She said it is worth it if you spend the most time improving the tree.”

She also advised that the ends of the Christmas tree should always be fluffed out. This will make the tree look fuller.

Choose A Theme

Just like the standard Christmas palette, you can choose the green and red theme for your Christmas tree decorations. But you can also choose to decorate or style your Christmas tree to match your home theme or decor. Whichever theme you want, make sure you stick to just 2 to 3 colours, so the impressive tree doesn’t look messy.

For instance, if your home already has blue tones, try out aqua, navy, and silver decors for your Christmas tree to complete the story and highlight your home.

Consider The Viewpoints

When choosing a place to set up your Christmas tree in your home, consider the viewpoints – how much of the tree is shown. This will also help you in determining how to place your decorations. Chyka advised that if there would be half or 360° view of the tree, you should always stand back and look at the decorations you are doing to ensure that everything is even.

Light Up Your Tree

First, put on your lights on the tree and then turn them on so you can see how they go on the tree. Chyka said, “Start the light arrangement from the top of the tree and push the lights more towards the bole, so the lights don’t sit at the front.” She explained that this would make the lights illuminate from within the tree to the decorations in front.

Christmas Tree

The Art of the Baubles

To perfect your decorations, hang baubles on your tree but make sure the baubles of one colour group are hung on the Christmas tree at a time. This will ensure even distribution of the baubles. More so, the shape and size of the baubles matter!

Chyka said the heavier baubles should be hung closer to the trunk and the bigger baubles towards the base of the tree using metal clips with stronger and longer strings.

Finish Off the Stands

Poor stands are capable of ruining the gorgeous aesthetic of your fabulous Christmas tree. So Chyka advised getting a tree cover or skirt. You can make use of fabrics, winter grasses, wicker basket covers or tin, or decorated Santa gifts or boxes.

To make setting up and decorating your Christmas tree a celebration, Chyka advised, “make everybody see it as fun and not a job.

Rashmi Singh

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