How To Save Before Christmas

 How To Save Before Christmas

Christmas time is less than 30 days from now, and Santa Claus is already loading up his sleigh. But for most of us, it’s a period we all get stressed out about all those gifts we need to get.

Overwhelming questions, such as “does Sarah still like chocolates?” “Is your uncle Joe still a veggie?” “Maybe we should just forget about the whole thing and go on a vacation instead” fill the mind.

Since there are many things to spend money on during Christmas, it is advisable to properly plan for the yuletide and ensure that your paycheck covers the whole plan. Nevertheless, most of us are so engrossed with other activities that we forget to save our money in the lead up to Christmas.

Laura Crowden of iSelect

Luckily, Laura Crowden of iSelect has given four simple ways to save money before Christmas, and here they are:

#1: Get the Best Out of Your Credit Card

Remember, you would be spending a lot of money in December, so it is imperative to ensure you get the right credit card to maximise your spending. For instance, if you the type that pay your credit card bills in full at every month end, check out for available generous rewards programs you should opt-in for. This will help you to earn points for gift vouchers or presents. But if you are the type that struggles to pay off your credit card bills every month, you should choose a balance transfer card or credit card with the low-interest rate because the interest you would have to pay will far outweigh the rewards you would earn.

#2: Consider Your Energy Bills

Do you know that those twinkling Christmas lights and dazzling bulbs can drain money from your account faster than the gifts in Santa’s bag?

Yes! Your energy provider wouldn’t leave anything thrilling under the Christmas tree than a hefty bill for those lights you have on. So do yourself a favour and ensure you aren’t using more lights than it needs to be.

More so, if Christmas time is hot, you would certainly think about using an air conditioner. But, did you consider that each time you turn the air conditioner on – though the temperature goes down – your energy bill goes up. In such a case, consider alternatives like a ceiling fan or icy poles.

But if Christmas time is cold, using the fireplace instead of the heater gives you a friendlier energy bill.

#3: Cheaper Fun in The Sun Is Fun

Christmas time is a fun time, and you can go places to enjoy the fun – beach, cinemas, visiting, sightseeing, etc. but when you have to travel, always remember to take out travel insurance. Yes! It’s crucial. If you can’t afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel. Before you take the trip, you can shop around very well to balance between the cover and cost. Otherwise, enjoy your fun basking in the sun.

#4: Consider Your Broadband Bill

Repeated observation revealed that Internet usage usually increases during Christmas. One reason for this is there are lots of things to check online and new things to download, but nobody can borrow Wi-Fi from the office to download the latest release at home, so they end up using the Internet at home. More so, there will be lots of friends and family members visiting, who will increase your data use a lot. Therefore, opt-in for an Internet plan that ensures enough data for everyone and at the right speed.

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