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10 fun ideas to pave your way in the travel industry

 10 fun ideas to pave your way in the travel industry

Only recently the travel industry has seen a large boom in the amount of tourists travelling all across the globe thanks to the rising globalisation all across nations.  Travel industry offers a very lucrative business idea to those who have the capital and the resources to meet the needs of their travellers and come up with amazing services.
 A few ideas that will surely help kick-start a travel business

  • Baby care lounge at airports- this focuses on the idea of helping parents stay comfortable while travelling when the also a baby with themselves. There are facilities like dimming the lights or a kitchen to help prepare meals for the baby.
  • Motorcycle ride- in case a taxi business is too expensive for you, you can even choose to opt for motorcycle ride business wherein you find travellers who have less of luggage and are on a budget tour. But make sure to get the business registered in order to establish a niche audience for your business.
  • Business networking- the networking business is widely accepted these days and helps travellers to track contact details by simply entering their travel data.
  • Dietary translation- a traveller with allergies or certain diet restrictions can cater to the Diet Translation card wherein you can ask the waiters of restaurants to consider your dietary restrictions in mind by presenting this card.
  • Transient Hotel business- the idea is to present the travellers with small hotels that have self service and provide all the facilities at a reasonable rate. Infact, it is neither a five star type nor can be considered cheap altogether.
  • Luggage delivery- this service avoids the hassle of security checks and waiting in long queues. A traveller simply needs to pass over the luggage to the respective company which shall store their luggage and encode all the information online for one’s satisfaction.
  • Taxi services- you can try and offer this service online or another great idea to this can be that you could offer shared taxi service to your travellers. They could have the option of choosing the age and gender of the person with whom they would like to share their cab.
  • Online essentials for babies- you can help travellers to make use of baby essential products online by simply delivering them to their desired location.
  • Start a tour Guide- starting your own tour guide service is a step ahead in this field. The fact that there is an increase in the number of tour guide service clearly shows the profit opportunities associated with the business.
  • Your own Travel Agency- organising tours and travels for your clients can be considered a fun business these days. You can even coordinate with a few travel agencies and provide tour packages to your clients.reasons_to_use_travel_agent
    Come up with your own travel blog- if at all you ever fall short of capital and other resources, don’t be disheartened. You can always come with your own travel blog wherein just with the right knowledge you can function as an authority travel blogger.

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