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Winter is the time of carpets of snow, snuggles by the fire, and long fairy tales last long into the night. But winter is also the time of cold, harsh winds that wreak havoc on our hair and skin. In this article, we tell you exactly what to do to prepare yourself for what’s coming so that you can enjoy the goodness of the cold months without cause for worry.

Winter is coming. You didn’t need a Game of Thrones reference to tell you that, of course. If you’re like most women, your skin would have begun to whiten and crack long before the first chill appeared in the winter air. And you would have reached for your shopping bag to stock up on a season’s worth of cold creams and moisturisers.

We won’t stop you – because who can really stop anyone when the mind is set – but we will ask you to pause. And ponder. And read this article while you’re at it because here we tell you how to get a glowing skin without having to shell out bucks for expensive product.

1. Milk and almonds
If you take some almond powder, add a few spoons of raw milk to it so that it forms a paste, and then apply the concoction to your face for ten minutes, you will allow the Vitamin E in almonds and the natural moisturising properties of milk to get to work on your skin. You will come away with your cheeks feeling suppler to the touch.

2. Yogurt and buttermilk
Yogurt is rich in Zinc that will strengthen your facial muscles. Buttermilk contains lactic acid, which also is a light peeler, so by applying a combination of these to your face, you will exfoliate some of the dead skin cells and leave your face feeling fresh and new.

3. Avocado and honey
If you don’t know yet, Avocado is one of those superfoods that have an answer to pretty much everything, and dry skin is fortunately not an exception. Half an avocado mashed in with a table spoon or two of honey will keep your skin hydrated and smooth during the coming winter blues.

4. Egg yolk
Egg yolk has long been a favourite ingredient for hair health, but you will be surprised to know it’s brilliant for skin as well. It’s rich in protein and vitamins, which energise and liven up your skin to glow at its natural complexion. Use a couple of spoons of olive oil to act as binding agent when you stir the egg yolks into a mask.

5. Coconut oil
Another solution often used for hair, but not many know it can be used with great effect for skin as well. It contains fatty acids that prevent moisture loss. Apply coconut oil to your skin at night before you go to bed and wash it off during your shower in the morning. Easy as.

Sometimes, it’s not what you use but what habits you have formed over the years. Here are five quick, common sense reminders on what to do to beat the winter dry skin blues.

  • Remember to moisturise right after your shower. Often, our baths leave the skin dry and peeling off, so a healthy dollop of moisturiser right after will keep it hydrated.
  • Protect your skin from the elements by means of scarves, gloves and sunscreen.
  • Humidify the air around you. Consider getting a humidifier for your bedroom so that your skin doesn’t come in contact with dry air too often.
  • Eat foods in high water content so that your skin gets hydrated from the inside out.
  • Exfoliate once every few days so that old skin cells give way to the new. You can use a normal scrub, but there are plenty of good exfoliating body washes available that do the job.

Himanshu Yadav

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