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Many offices are trying working from home on a trial basis for their employees. In this piece, we give you real reasons why working from home could make you more productive, more creative, and a better time manager.
Working from home, many say, is the future of work. Of course, people like doctors and teachers and tradesmen can’t do it, but any work that pairs a person with a computer ought to be viable for a work-from-home arrangement. Not that you need convincing (who does?), but here are a few reasons why working from home is better for you and for your company.
1. You add time to your day
When you work from home, you don’t have to wake up earlier than normal and pack lunch for yourself. You don’t have to agonise over what to wear, and if you’re a woman, cut out all the sprucing up time. You wake up, brush your teeth, and stride up to work in your jammies. You can also cut out two hours of commuting time, thirty minutes (or longer) of chatting with colleagues, and thirty minutes of tea and coffee breaks. It’s not even 9 A.M. and you’re already ahead of the curve by three hours.
2. Your home is a better working environment
There is quiet and solitude at home. Unless you have young kids who run around the place, you will likely get a lot of time to yourself to do your best work. Research has suggested often that people perform at their best when they’re given enough distraction-free time. The key is ‘distraction-free’. How often have you sat down and really focused at work for ten minutes, and just as you were getting into the ‘deep end’ of your task, a colleague comes over and chats for a few minutes, and once they leave you have to re-focus all over again? Well, that doesn’t happen at home.
3. You’re more creative at home
Once again, research has shown that the best way to be creative is to occupy the mind with something menial, like doing the dishes, taking the dog out for a walk, or loading the washing machine – all things that you can do now when you take a break at your home office. This ability to switch off is not available for many of us at our workplaces, because they’re generally areas that are humming with people and activity. It is impossible to snatch some quiet time for yourself, where you can nurture your creativity.


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