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Everyone knows how to lose weight, but only a few manage to do it successfully. That is because it is as much a test of your mental discipline as it is of cold, physical calculations. In this article, we give you three quick tips to start you on your way.

We all know the theory of losing weight. You must eat healthy, exercise more, and make physical changes to your lifestyle. These are all generic pieces of advice, and many of us fail to put into place a concrete plan that will result in losing weight. Here are three quick, actionable tips to enable you to lose weight.

Since 1. Make an eating and exercising diary

we’re not equipped to objectively remember what we have eaten during the day and how much exercise we have done, make it a habit to write down everything you eat for a period of a week. Break it down by weight and calorific value, and at the end of each day, add up all the calories you’re consuming. If you’re looking to lose weight, then you should probably be consuming two-thirds of that, or even half. Similarly, make an exercise diary which records the amount of time you’re giving to active exercise per day. This means activities such as brisk walking, weight training, yoga or cardio-vascular workout.

2. Cut down your portions evenly

You don’t have to stop eating a certain kind of food completely in order to lose weight. In fact, the healthiest way is to cut down your portions evenly across all foods that you currently eat. So you will be eating less, but you will still be sticking to your original, balanced diet. Instead of having to remember to change your habit and eat something else, eat the same things you currently do, but eat only half of each portion at a time. In the same breath, increase the amount of time you exercise. Ideally, you should be exercising an hour every day in order to lose weight.

3. Monitor your weight regularly

The emotional reward that comes from watching your weight disappear is a strong one. It also helps in regular monitoring of your weight, so that you will be the first one to know when you let yourself slip. Record your weight in your journal. A daily weight-check is recommended, but you will be okay even with a check once every three days. Remember that weight loss is a slow process. Be in it for the long haul, monitor your processes and habits, and you will see the weight drop. Good luck!

Indrasish Banerjee

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