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If you’re one of those lucky travellers for whom money is no object, the world is your oyster in terms of how many luxuries you can experience. In this article, we give you a short tour of what is possible in India if you’re willing to let go of that firm grip on your wallet.

As one famous Hollywood actress once said, ‘Whoever says money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.’ Now we know that money cannot buy all kinds of happiness, but there are definitely little pleasures that it can buy, and what is life without these little pleasures?

One of the great pleasures of life is travel, and in order to be able to experience luxury like a king, we need to let go of the purse strings a little, if only temporarily. So here you go. In this article we tell you exactly where to go in India if you have a little extra cash in your wallet. Okay, make that a lot of extra cash in your wallet.

1. Ananda Spa, Rishikesh
Welcome to the 21000-square-foot spa with an extensive menu of over 79 body and beauty treatments. There are modern Western-style spas if you prefer those, but if you want to experience the traditional massages and alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, you can get that too. Or if you want a fusion of East and West, consider it done. Detoxification, cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-aging, weight loss – you name it, Ananda Spa will do it for you.

Budget: The cheapest 3-night-stay at Ananda Spa will set you back by $US 2706 while the costliest will be a princely $US 22010.

2. The Deccan Odyssey
Inspired by the imperial carriages used by the Maharajas of yore, each of the coaches of the Deccan Odyssey train will transport you to those magical days. Live the life of a royal while being attended to by a battery of waiters hanging on your every whim. Whether you want to eat, drink, sleep or enjoy a relaxing spa massage, anything can be arranged right on the train by a mere click of the fingers. It’s also called the blue limousine, and it will give you a tour of the Deccan Plateau of India in the best way possible.

Budget: Fares begin at $US 5810 per cabin per journey.

3. A meal for two at Chef’s Studio by Taj, Mumbai
If you’re feeling extra liberal with your cash, here is just about the most expensive meal for two you can have in India, at the Chef’s Studio by Taj in Mumbai. You will be escorted to your dinner table on a red carpet with candles burning on both sides of you. The food will of course be customised to your tastes. You can watch the food being prepared at the kitchen next door, and you can also chat with the masterchef preparing your meal. Just one piece of advice: turn up hungry!

Budget: This meal will set you back by INR 1.5 lakh.

4. A night at Ranbagh Hotel
Once the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur, this property has since been converted into a luxury Heritage hotel. Spacious air conditioned rooms are decorated with rich textures, elegant carpets and hand-painted wall motifs. A flat-screen TV, personal safe and minibar are included in all rooms. Modern bathrooms have a walk-in shower and separate bathtub. You will also be interested to know that at Ranbagh hotel is a menu item called the gold-plated dosa, a plate of which will cost you INR 1100.

Budget: The cost of a room at Ranbagh starts at around INR 35000 per night.

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