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 If you own a home, you know the pleasure that comes from decorating it just right. We all think of our homes as extensions of ourselves, and therefore they should be imbued by our personalities and characters. That is why choosing the right decor for the home is such an important decision for many of us. However, if it’s done the wrong way, it could end up being a headache rather than a rewarding experience. Here is a list of mistakes that you can easily avoid when decorating your home.
Not measuring
The old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’ holds true even when it comes to decorating, even though there is nothing to cut. It’s a rookie mistake to fall in love with a piece of furniture and to buy it without considering whether it will fit into your space. How bad is it to figure it out after bringing it home? So do your homework, keep the measurements of all your main rooms either on your mind or written down in your pocket so that whenever you see a piece of furniture, you know whether it will fit or not.
Not testing
This could be especially bad if the furniture in question is something you plan to sit or sleep on. You would be surprised at the number of people who like the ‘look’ of a certain bed or couch so much that they don’t bother to test it by sitting or lying down on it. Remember: no matter how grand it looks, if you’re not comfortable using it, then sooner or later the looks will fade, and you will grow irritated with it. The first job of any piece of furniture is to be functional before it looks beautiful. So test everything before you buy.
Not trying out samples
This applies especially to paint. The colour and shade may have looked great on the store’s wall, or worse, it may have looked divine on the brochure, but before you commit to the whole hog, make sure you have a sample done on a corner of the wall so that you know exactly what it looks like in your house. Many factors influence the ‘look’ of a paint, lighting and the size of the room being the two main ones. When you get a sample, you can also see what it looks like at different times of the day.
Buying everything from one shop
While this is a great convenient solution, if you want to add uniqueness and character to your house, you will do well to explore and shop far and wide to see what other shops are offering. By mixing and matching things bought from different stores, you will be able to add your own flavour by the way you arrange them in the house. If you buy everything from the same store, your house could look like it’s out of a catalogue. You don’t want that, do you?

Daisy Akhtar

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