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The million-dollar question is: do you own your fashion, or does your fashion own you? The answer may be simple at first glance, and you may even find yourself seething with indignation. Of course your fashion is all yours. Right? But if you pause and think for a minute, how often have you been forced by peer pressure to wear something that is ‘in’ even though in your heart of hearts you knew that you would look like a proper fool in it? How often haven’t we allowed ourselves to be swayed by what designers and retailers think we should wear?
Today we have a list of such trends that nobody likes to wear but wears anyway.
1. Meggings
Tight jeans are a god-send for women, because it gives them an opportunity to show off their shapely legs, and most of all they’re comfortable. But whoever decided that guys should also wear tight jeans was not thinking straight. We have a package between our legs that likes room to breathe and wriggle in. Have you ever met a guy who likes wearing tight jeans? Now take a look around and see how many are wearing them anyway? Why? Because we’ve been told that it’s the ‘in’ thing. Otherwise no bloke in the world would stray from comfort fitting jeans ever in his life.
2. Extensions and tans
Yes, we know there is a place and time for the strategically placed hair extension, and also the natural tan that makes you glow in the sunset. But if your whole look is based on artificial glue-ons, then you may need a fashion intervention straight away. And when it comes to tans, if they go orange, it means that you’ve got it wrong. Anything artificial – whether it’s an extension or a tan – is not going to attract much attention of the right kind anyway. So why not lose them?
3. Shortening hemlines
Have you noticed how progressively short dresses are becoming? Especially if you’re a woman, you can hardly find a dress any more in which you can confidently bend over to pick up something you’ve dropped. You will need to first look around, then get someone to cover for you, and then go for it in a flash, just in case someone looks. Dresses are now just overgrown shirts that end at the mid-thigh level if they’re being generous. When did it become so hard to find a dress that you can just be comfortable in?
4. Padding in the bra
There was a time when there were things called push up bras, which meant by definition that all the others were non-push-up bras. But now, head into the undergarments section and see if you can find a bra that does not have padding. Go on, we dare ya. A weird padding phenomenon seems to have taken over women’s bras in recent years. It’s great if you’re looking to show off some cleavage, but for the majority of us who want to get through the day without some creep staring at them, we just want a bra, plain and simple, thank you. But where are they?

Harshit Sinha

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