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The t-shirt has been a man’s go-to garment for a while now. However, it is not always that a man gets a t-shirt look right. Since the majority of men are challenged when it comes to fashion, we thought we’d be nice and give them a few tips on how to nail a basic t-shirt look each time, every time.

Let’s face it. Men like to wear t-shirts.
It’s not just the comfort of it. T-shirts are just about the bare minimum in terms of clothing that you can socially get by without being lynched. And men like minimalism when it comes to effort, so no wonder the t-shirt is a popular choice. In fact, did you know that not too long back, showing off a t-shirt was considered bad form? A t-shirt was considered part of underclothes, so you were always expected to pretend that you didn’t have it on, and showing it was a big no-no.

We’ve come a long way from that. Here, we give you a few tips to pull off that perfect look with nothing more than a t-shirt.

1. Get the right fit
This is the most important part of getting a t-shirt look right. It has to fit you! This may seem obvious at first, but you will be amazed at how many guys get this wrong. If you wear a t-shirt that’s too loose, there’s simply no way you can win that game. If you’re skinny, you will look skinnier, and if you’re large, you will look larger. Just get a t-shirt that cuts squarely on your shoulder, tapers in at the waist, and covers no more than half of your arms. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Mix and match the neck
T-shirts come primarily in two different kinds of neck fits: a rounded neck and a v-shaped neck. The latter works well to lend the illusion of a longer neck to the viewer, so are good on shorter guys who are looking to make the most of the height they have. A rounded neck will flesh you, creating the illusion of broad shoulders and square proportions. Apart from these two, there is also the polo shirt, which is not strictly a t-shirt but can be used as one. Have all three kinds of t-shirts in your wardrobe so that you can mix and match according to audience and occasion.

3. Pay attention to the fabric
When it comes to material, you have three options: polyester, cotton and elastane. The higher the natural fibre content – i.e. cotton – the more breathable and less durable the shirt will be. Elastane is great for guys who are active and want a bit of ‘give’ on their shirts because of the physical work they do. Polyester lends cotton shirts some durability while not sacrificing the smoothness. As with neck-types, experiment with different fabrics and settle on one that is both comfortable and stylish.

4. Go easy on the colour
Before you stock up your wardrobe with every colour and design of t-shirt that you can imagine, pause. Remember that t-shirts are a ‘basic’ wear, and by wearing a loud t-shirt, you’re robbing it of its basic-ness. So go for neutral colours that will fit a wide variety of pants and colours. White, black, grey and navy are your four options; just stay within these boundaries for a while before you venture out into the vast expanse of other colours.

Baahir Atwal

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