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4 ways of developing a better listening capability

 4 ways of developing a better listening capability

It usually happens with all of us at some point of time that we are oblivious when someone is speaking to us. In such cases, the person speaking might get offended which is why, we have come up with four effective ways of improving your attentiveness and hearing ability.
1. Stay in the moment: Refrain from cracking any jokes while your friend or any person is speaking. Furthermore, try not to deviate from the topic as it is always a courtesy to let someone finish speaking. You need to know how to decrease the length of a conversation in a respectful manner so that the other person does not get offended.
2. Wait for the right moment: If you are already busy with something and someone is speaking to you, then it is quite obvious that you might miss out on some words just because your attention is oriented towards your work. Thus, in such cases, you can politely ask that person to wait for a while so that you can give them complete attention afterwards.
3. Don’t invade the conversation: Do not just jump into the conversation. Firstly, ask the person whether they would like to hear your input or not. If not, then just be happy that the person shared something with you.
4. Maintain a proper eye contact: Whenever someone is speaking to you, it is ethical to look into their eyes so that the person does not feel ignored. Refrain from staring at any of your electronic devices while you are in the middle of a conversation.shutterstock_109684313-300x225

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