More Than 40 Percent Kids in India Have Unhealthy BMI

 More Than 40 Percent Kids in India Have Unhealthy BMI

A recently concluded study has revealed that more than 40 percent kids in India have unhealthy body mass index (BMI). The countrywide study warns that the current generation of kids is heading towards an ‘unhealthy future’. It suggests that the school-going children of our country are miserably lagging behind in health and fitness related activities.
The study also revealed that girls are doing far worse than boys as far as fitness parameters like upper body strength, flexibility, anaerobic capacity and abdominal strength are concerned. However, when the BMIs of girls were compared to that of boys, the results were positive. Almost 65 percent girls had a healthy BMI score, while in boys, the number was 59 percent.
It should also be noted that children studying in non-metropolitan cities fared better than children studying in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Children in non-metros showed better flexibility and higher upper body strength as compared to children residing in metros, where there is more exposure to unhealthy food habits.
Saumil Majmudar, CEO and Co-founder of EduSports, said in a statement that the lack of health and fitness among the children of our country yet again proves that physical activities in schools should be made an integral part of the curriculum. This will help in the overall development of a child’s personality.

Daisy Akhtar

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