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‘If you think you know makeup just because you’ve been using it for a long time, read our 5 commandments to take it to the next level and turn heads wherever you go.’
This is clearly the age of vanity. And vanity’s fair, as we all know. It has become blasphemous for any young woman to survive without a makeup kit. But owning makeup and using it is not the same as really utilising your makeup’s potential in making you look like an angel that dropped straight out of a cloud. If you follow these simple makeup commandments, you will easily become the talk of the town, and your face will turn a thousand heads.
1. Thou shalt clean thy makeup brushes
We clean all our brushes, don’t we? Our toothbrushes get cleaned after their work is done. The kitchen brushes, the toilet brushes – every kind of brush you own will probably be cleaned periodically. But do you clean your makeup brush? Because they work on your skin, every time you scrape the bristles of the brush over your skin cells, some of the dead cells will stick to the brush, and will cause a build-up of bacteria that will get deposited back onto your skin on the next application. So clean your brushes! You can use water, or if you want to be a bit more fancy, use a brush cleaner.
2. Thou shalt use the right shade of foundation
Here’s the deal. The purpose of foundation is to enhance your natural skin colour. It’s not to change your skin tone, nor is it to give you a tan or to make you paler. So it’s important that you get the shade of foundation that is absolutely right for your skin tone. Test it out at the beauty counter on your jawline – not on the back of your hand! As crazy as it sounds, try it on your face before you buy your makeup. And don’t use foundation as fake tan or colouring substance. Just enhance your natural complexion.
3. Thou shalt not over-exfoliate
Is there such a thing as over-exfoliation? Sadly, there is. One would think that scraping away the dead skin cells is a good thing, but do it more than three times a week and you could end up with soreness and flakes, not to mention breakouts and – a few years down the road – wrinkles too. Opt for a chemical exfoliating formula and use it only once a week. Yes, only once a week.
4. Thou shalt wash your bed linen regularly
This has got nothing to do with makeup, you’re thinking. Right? Well, maybe technically you’re right, but have you ever stopped to wonder how much of your makeup and dead skin cells end up on your bed sheet and pillows? Wash your bed linen at least twice a week and you will be sleeping in clean environs every night.
5. Thou shalt not neglect your neck
Whatever care and love you give to your face, make sure you also give to your neck. Why? Because the skin on your neck is thin and elastic, and with age it can be especially prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging. So don’t ignore your poor neck, and keep the skin on it tight and firm by applying the cream right down to your chest.

Abdul Waheed

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