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Whether you go ‘wow’ with surprise, disgust or wonder, we’re sure that this list of five Samsung gadgets will turn your head.
1. Multi View TV
Never fight for the remote again. There will never be an argument about who should watch what. If you buy for yourself a Multi-view TV, you can just put on your glasses, your headphones, and watch what you want to see while the person sitting next to you watches what he or she wants to see. How is this different to watching two different televisions? We’re glad you asked. The difference is that you’re at least in the same room as your partner. Don’t ask us what will happen if a child enters the equation. Oh, well. Samsung will soon make it compatible for three viewers, we’re sure. Or four. Or more.
2. Galaxy Beam
Ever found yourself in the middle of a social gathering and going: ‘Ah, I wish this phone of mine could project my pictures onto the wall? No? Neither did we. But in case you do in the future – and life’s nothing if not being ready for eventualities – Samsung’s Galaxy Beam has got you covered. Not only can you beam your photos onto the wall, you can also use your phone like a projector and project the screen for everyone to see. We all know how helpless we all are without a projector in our pockets. Will never happen now, thanks to this heavenly device.
3. Galaxy Gear 2
It’s a smart phone on your wrist. It makes calls. It takes photos. It displays text messages – but does not send them, curiously enough. And it shows the time. But the nifty thing with the Gear is that you can wear it on your wrist and show it off as you would a normal watch. There are other companies too trying to get into the smartwatch segment of the market, but Samsung is the only one that has gone the whole hog and made them mini smart phones. Now we’re not sure how the Gear is different from just another smart phone, albeit one that you can wear on your wrist.
4. Galaxy K Zoom
If you need to take a picture today with a smart phone, you have to be content with a rather functional zoom lens. In an attempt to get rid of this problem, the Galaxy K Zoom comes with a zoom lens attached to a Samsung S5. Though it looks a little wonky, it does the job, we’re told, and it boasts of a best-in-class camera too. You may have to still carry the lens so that you fit it to the phone whenever you want to, but at least you’re not lugging around your DSLR and a lens kit when you’re going on an outing.
5. 110-inch TV
Bigger is better. Bigger is costlier too. Samsung’s 110-inch ultra-high-definition S9 series television costs $150,000. The TV is so big that it requires and easel-like contraption to hold it up. Plus, you may need a new living room. Better move into a mansion to accommodate this new beast. If you think that this is too much, that this is splurging, you can get an 85-inch television of the same model for just $40,000.

Chirag Thakkar

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