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With the New Year approaching fast, we’re all gearing up for the holiday season. But often, come the big day, we find ourselves clueless about what to do. It ends up becoming just another day. In this piece, we give you suggestions on what you could do on New Year’s Day to celebrate what it stands for.

They say that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will continue to do throughout the year. Though this is a bit of pop wisdom and doesn’t always work, there is something to be said for starting a year right, so that you get into the right habits and hold on to those carefully-made New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, it is important you pay some attention to what you do on New Year’s Day. Here are a few ideas:

1. Exercise
This is the number one resolution of anyone approaching New Year’s Eve. They wish that they exercised more regularly. So why not begin the year right by setting aside thirty minutes to get some exercise? It can be anything: skipping, a short run around the block, a quick swim, or a session of yoga to get your muscles all stretched and relaxed. If you make this a habit, your body and heart will thank you in the long run.

2. Make some resolutions, and do them!
As someone once said, ‘New Year’s Resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.’ Don’t just sit by and write down your resolutions. Do them on the first day of the year and convince yourself that you will do them on every day. You’re of course allowed to take one day off per week to recharge your batteries, but six out of seven days ain’t bad.

3. Reconnect with friends and family
A New Year’s Day is the perfect excuse to call up all your family members and wish them. Ask them what is happening in their lives, and tell them what’s happening in yours. It’s also the perfect occasion to forgive and forget some past slights and rekindle some dying relationships, or even relight some already extinguished ones. Here’s to a year of love and friendship.

4. Clean up the house
Make ‘de-clutter’ one of your resolutions, and get to work. We amass many things in our houses that we don’t need and hardly ever use. Bottom line: if you’ve not used an item over the last six months, then it most likely doesn’t need to be in the house. Be merciless about what you expunge from your home because the cleaner your house becomes, the clearer your mental space is.

5. Relax
Remember to take time off for yourself, after those manic holiday shopping and festive celebrations. Welcome in the New Year with a quiet glass of wine. Read a book. Watch a re-run of an old television favourite. Order in some Chinese food, and just breathe in some relaxing moments as you reflect upon the year gone by.

Divya Mangal

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