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We will have to change the heading of this piece. You’ve probably seen these facts about Kabali here and there, because frankly, we don’t think there is any fact about Kabali that is truly unknown. In any case, we have to pay our homage to Thalaivar in this piece, and tell you a few things about his latest film, Kabali.

Did you know that Rajini mania has hit the world again? This time it’s with the much-awaited don movie, Kabali, where Rajinikanth plays his own age for most of the film, in the role of an aging patriarch out to take revenge and establish his superiority. News of the movie and other facts about it are floating all over the internet, so we can’t claim this is the definitive list of never-before-seen trivia. But we have to jump on the bandwagon. Because come on, it’s Rajini.

1. Companies have given the day off
Some companies in Chennai and Bengaluru have given the day off to their employees on the occasion of the movie’s release, citing that this is better than to be inundated with leave requests. While we don’t have evidence to say for sure that this has happened – save for an official-looking letter that is being shared around social media – we can totally see this happening for no one else but Rajinikanth in India.

2. Kabali has made 200 crores – before its release
No, that’s not a Rajinikanth joke though it sounds like one. Months before its release, marketing and merchandising has made sure that the movie netted more than 200 crores, though the significant part of the money came from a Hong-Kong based company that bought exclusive dubbing and release rights in China.

3. Rajini took to the skies painted on an Air Asia plane
In a first association of its kind between an Indian personality and a major international airline, Air Asia designed its own Kabali-themed airplane with Rajini’s face painted on it. It also ran a ‘Fly like a superstar’ promotion during which they dished out Kabali biryanis throughout July, and also flew in fans from Bengaluru to the special premiere in Chennai.

4. A filmmaker’s uncertainty
When it’s a movie starring Rajini, the director doesn’t choose the star; the star chooses the director. So when the Thalaivar decided that director Ranjith was going to get the nod for the latest movie, the filmmaker’s first reaction was of uncertainty, because so far, his movies have been in a different genre. He said he never planned to make a film with Rajini because their paths would not cross, but once he was asked, there was no way he could say no, was there?

5. Rajini was made to sweat during the shoot
A star-struck director could be forgiven for allowing a less-than-perfect take to go through just because it’s Rajini. But Ranjith has made sure that every frame in the movie has been meticulously planned. Often, Rajini was asked for multiple re-takes, notwithstanding his reputation to give ‘single take’ shots. All reports confirm that the veteran actor was a consummate professional, giving as many takes as were necessary for the director’s satisfaction.

6. Kabali is featured on private vehicles
Seeing Rajini’s face on autos and buses is not a new thing, but the newest trend is that he has made his ‘debut’ on private vehicles as well. One million dollar sports car has been entirely revamped to resemble the fiery poster of Kabali, whereas in Chennai, an Audi has been spotted with the license plate: KA 8AL 1, which reads Kabali.


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