The mountains call to you. When you stand atop a peak or at the edge of a cliff and take a lungful of air, you feel as if you’re on the edge of heaven. You spread your arms out and close your eyes. If the mountains are where you belong, then take a look at the list below for honeymoon ideas in the mountains.

After the hustle and bustle of a wedding ceremony, there’s nothing like the peace and tranquillity of a mountain destination to calm those frayed nerves and allow you to get to know your spouse in the company of nature. Whether it is a hand-held walk through green vistas and overhanging branches, or a stolen kiss while gliding on a boat on a lake, there’s nothing like hills to kindle that spark in a couple.

Here are a few honeymoon ideas from India if you love the mountains.

1. Shimla
This city in Himachal Pradesh, India, is the preferred choice for many romantics. This is a perfect combination of both British and Indian culture, and has many things to offer a couple in love: gurgling streams, grand buildings, swaying fields, flower gardens, and just a burst of colour everywhere you look. If you time your visit for February, you will get to see snow-capped mountains and there is that little nip in the air that will give you an excuse to snuggle close to your beloved.

2. Manali
Manali is also situated in Himachal Pradesh, but is closer toward the North, so it has more snow fields than Shimla. Here you can go skiing and indulge in playful snowball fights. Breathtaking views welcome you wherever you look, and there is rich flora and the majestic Himalayas serve as the perfect romantic backdrop.

3. Leh
Leh in Ladakh offers newlyweds a mix of adventure and romance. You can visit some quiet monasteries to unlock the hidden mysteries of life together. Walk along a stream during twilight as the sun sneaks over the snow-capped mountains. There are many activities such as archery, ice climbing, river rafting etc to sink your teeth into if you have the adventurous streak in you.

4. Srinagar
The famous Dal lake and the houseboat ride on it have become staple honeymoon destinations since a long time, and they continue to lure romantic couples from all over the world. Couples can splurge on a luxurious stay in a houseboat, and they have a veritable buffet of activities to do during their stay: walk hand in hand in Mughal Gardens, sit by sparkling lakes, or just stare at the majesty of mountains and valleys.

5. Gangtok
Hills: check. Snow covered peaks and valleys: check. Sunrise and sunset spots: check. Peace and serenity: check. No matter which way your hear leans, there is something in Gangtok that satisfies every bit of your romantic soul. Not only do you find monasteries where you can spend hours of solitude in each other’s company, you will also find an array of adventure activities like hiking and walking.

6. Kausani
Kausani is called the Switzerland of India. Fresh air and dense pine trees welcome you on the mountain range of Kausani. The panoramic view of the Himalayas will keep you enchanted throughout your trip, and there are a wide variety of activities to do – both by yourselves and under supervision – that will ensure you will never get bored.

Himanshu Yadav

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