Whoever would have thought that even q-tips have beauty uses? Well, they do. They’re humble and inexpensive, so they’re often not used to their full potential. In this article, we try to right this wrong by giving you a list of cool things you can do with them. Read on.

Q-tips are those cotton buds that we use to clean our ears. Often we think nothing of them outside of pulling the gunk out of our ears. But used properly, q-tips can be extremely resourceful in performing a host of beauty-related tasks that will surprise you.

Here, we have listed the most helpful six uses of q-tips in the beauty domain.

1. Use as an eye makeup remover
Dip the q-tip in cleansing milk and use it to remove your eyeliner, mascara or even the stuff that gets stuck on the corners of the eye in the mornings. You will see that all the makeup comes off without any hassle or pain. Just close your eye, and stroke the tip over your lashes in gentle downward movements.

2.  Use it for nail art
You don’t need to buy expensive nail art kits anymore. With q-tips, you can make awesome designs on your painted nails. Dip the q-tip in some colour and use it to draw spots on your nails, or you can let your creativity go wild and draw other shapes as well.

3. Thicken your eyelashes
All of us want to have thick eyelashes, but q-tips make the process easy and fun. Once you have applied the coat of mascara, apply one coat of translucent powder by using Q-tip and again apply another coat of mascara. It will also help to keep your mascara all night long.

4. Travel light
Q-tips will lighten your makeup load during travel. Keep a set of q-tips with your favourite eye shadow, pack it in a plastic bag, and apply it whenever required. Also, if you want to avoid carrying your perfume bottles, spray your q-tip with perfume and carry it with you. You can then apply it to your pulse points whenever you want.

5. Apply sunscreen to hard-to-reach places
You can use q-tips (and a steady hand) to apply sunscreen to places that are hard to reach, like the hair parting line and ears.

6. Apply medicine to affected areas
If you have unwanted marks and pimples on your face, you can use a q-tip dipped in salicylic acid to apply it directly to just the affected area without touching the area of skin around it. This makes for focused application of medicine, and leaves everything tidy and clean afterwards.


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