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‘We all have a desire to make our eyes stand out as much as they can. In this article, we will give you eight awesome eyeliner hacks to get the extra edge.’
The eyes are windows to a person’s soul. No wonder that a huge portion of the multi-billion-dollar fashion industry dedicates itself to the beautification of eyes. Be it eye-liners, mascara or anything of that sort, no makeup kit is complete without something for the eyes. Today we bring you a few eyeliner hacks that will put that extra bit of oomph into your eyes.
Match your eyeliner with your eye shadow. Dusting eye shadow on top of the liner will make it last longer. So first line your eyes with a pencil liner, and then sprinkle eye shadow in the same shade on top to hold the liner in place.
Use a pencil liner as a guide. For tricky liquid liners, if your hand is not steady enough to draw a line on its own, first draw a line using a pencil liner, and then trace along the line using your liquid liner. That way you never get unwanted smudges and spots around your eyes.
Use white eyeliner as canvas. This works best especially for less pigmented or light eye shadow. If you first cover your eyelid with white eyeliner, you will cancel out the effect of your skin tone and make the colour stand out. You’re basically converting your eyelid into a white canvas for your eye shadow.
Use white eyeliner as brow highlighter. Line above and below your eyebrows with white eyeliner, and then smudge it off so that your eyebrows get that much-needed lift, and your eyes get that sparkle that will turn heads in the room.
Make your own gel liner. Warm up the tip of your kohl pencil with a lighter so that the tip can get soft and gel-like. You can then use it to apply on your eyes with that nice, even application that is characteristic of gel liners.
Don’t try to get it right the first time. When lining eyes or brows, don’t aim to get it right the first time. It’s better to do a rough line, and then use a sharp bud of cotton dipped in petroleum jelly to clean and sharpen the lines. It’s much easier to work with a rough piece than it is to nail it exactly the first time.
Apply liner between lashes. For a natural look, tightline your liner and apply it between your lashes instead of drawing a single line above the lash line. The best way to do this is to fill in your top lashes from the underside, which will make your eyes look fuller without making you look too made up.
Connect the dots. Instead of trying to nail a line directly, try drawing a series of dots and then connecting them. Make sure that the dots are not too big, though. Ideally, they should be no bigger than the width of your final line.

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