A fix-ation

HorseSomething happened in the world of cricket recently and everyone hopes it goes away and doesn’t ever come back again. Yes, we’re talking about N Srinivasan.
Okay, no. We’re actually talking about fixing. That heinous crime where a player is paid handsome sums (even handsomer than his already well-groomed IPL fees and gorgeously coiffed endorsements) in order to do something pre-determined, so people who have placed large bets on that something win fantabulous gobs of cash.
It’s a shortened (and some would say less harmful!) version of match-fixing, where entire matches would be rigged (well, truth be told – a little ol’ no-ball seems hardly earth-shattering, but hey, the tabloids need something to talk about!).
One of the accused is Santakumaran Sreesanth, commonly called the second most embarrassing thing to happen to Malayalees, behind Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Sreesanth being accused has one silver lining of course – the possibility that he will never play for India again. All is not lost for Sree. Ex-controversial cricketers Vinod Kambli and Ajay Jadeja have made a name for themselves in acting and dancing – two areas where Sree already hasa head-start.
The whole match-fixing allegation, however – has ended up casting a wide net, leading to the ouster of the BCCI chairman, N Srinivasan, and with chances that a few teams might get dissolved! So we have Rajasthan and Chennai facing the axe, Pune dissolved because its owner has ‘issues’ with the BCCI… This might be the only way that Kings XI Punjab will actually get to 6th place.
Of course, like all storms whose talk-value will be exhausted, the whole spot-fixing scandal will soon blow over and the bookies can resume their activities. Honestly speaking, though – betting should just be made legal. Sure, a few codgers will protest and say how it’s against Indian culture (like short skirts and chowmein, perhaps) – but think of the positives. If some sort of spot-fixing happens, things will be easier to chase since bookies will have to be registered. Plus, all that money coming in for the government in terms of tax. Perhaps Congressman Mohammad Azharuddin, who has expertise in the matter, can help pass it.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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