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Made in India Magazine | October 25, 2020

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Australian employers unleash potential of Australia’s 6.9 million migrants with tech solution, Connections

Australian employers unleash potential of Australia’s 6.9 million migrants with tech solution, Connections

| On 04, Aug 2020

Connections Australia, Australia’s leading multilingual app connecting migrants to communities, jobs, and training, revealed their ongoing investments in technology development are transforming the talent sourcing experience for employers, unleashing the potential of skilled migrants. Connections Australia Founder & CEO Rinku Razdan is urging employers to join the growing number of employers accessing the pool of migrant talent available through Connections free job marketplace as a means for driving the Australian economy forward.

The 2016 Census put the number of people in Australia who were born overseas at 28.5 per cent (6.9 million people), many of them bringing sought-after skills to benefit the economy, and Connections is making it easy for employers to find them.

Rinku Razdan said: “As Australian companies look for solutions to survive and thrive in these challenging times, I am thrilled to see them accessing the rich pot of migrant talent on Connections Australia. Employers can be matched to prospective employees based on business requirements, skills, qualifications, experience, location, and availability.”

“Out of about 178,000 permanent visas granted in 2017–18, 111,000 were for migrants with skills. These migrants bring unique talents, often speak other languages, and have a global and entrepreneurial mindset making them game-changing employees,” added Razdan

“Incredible human resources are available, and it is up to employers to look at them. I believe in migrants’ power to effect positive social change and foster social cohesion – the values of Connections Australia,” concluded Razdan.

Employers can find their next candidate on Connections Australia’s hiring portal ‘Careers’ at Simply complete your company profile to be matched with ready and available workers of all kinds including skilled and entry level. Once signed up, it is possible to post jobs and be matched instantly to suitable candidates.

Connections also encourages migrants with work rights in Australia seeking employment to register via the app.

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To schedule an interview with Connections Australia Founder & CEO Rinku Razdan, please contact: [email protected]  

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