Australian Government’s plan for new jobs

 Australian Government’s plan for new jobs

Recently, the government of Australia came up with a plan to empower the youth and create new job openings for them under the name “Plan for Australian Jobs”. The structure of the plan is based upon three stratagems.
Preserving more jobs on their soil: One of the primary objectives is to ensure that ample jobs are available for citizens as over the past few years, there have been numerous multinational companies which have directed their resources towards other nations. As per the new action plan, the businesses of Australian citizens will be given a better exposure towards large projects of domestic nature. The companies endorsing this policy will highlight the kind of contribution that these small enterprises can make towards a unified growth. Henceforth, this will create ample jobs amounting to $1.6 billion.
Relying and making investments in the field of innovation: Furthermore, the Australian govt will now be emphasizing on the need to innovate and will invest accordingly. Australia at present happens to be amongst the top nations in the world when innovation is being talked about. Hence, the govt wants to ensure that the position of the country is maintained and funded adequately.
Aiding to small-scale enterprises: The last and most primitive aspect of the new job policy will be to provide ample assistance to the small-scale Australian businesses as close to 5 million people are part of these enterprises. The primary investment will be of $350 million and will be followed by a special initiative known as “Enterprise Solutions Program” which will aid the small businesses and motivate them to innovate on a larger scale so that more opportunities come up in the public sector.

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