Best Campsites near Auckland

 Best Campsites near Auckland

If you are under the impression that Auckland CBD is all about business centres and commercial towers, you are highly mistaken. Some of the most picturesque camping sites of the North Island are located near this business district. These camp sites offer everything a camper could dream of. There are bushlands with stunning views of the oceans, swimming-friendly beaches, sites where you can enjoy kayaking, boating, surfing and fishing.
Tapapakanga Regional Park – This park is located on the East Coast, at the foot of the Firth of Thames. There are two sites where you can setup camps – one, which is right on the beach and another, on top of a ridge overlooking the ocean. The beachfront site is popular among swimmers while the ridge campsite is usually picked by mountain bikers and hikers. Besides these activities you can also enjoy boating, bird watching, fishing and sightseeing while being in the Tapapkanga Regional Park.
Wenderholm Regional Park – A popular choice among overnight campers, Wenderholm Regional Park is located around 35 minutes drive away from the East Coast. Since this site is surrounded by water on three sides, it’s particularly popular among kayakers, divers and swimmers. The camping ground of the park is located near an estuary, at a walking distance from the overnight car park. Since Wenderholm Regional Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the area, a lot people choose these sites for their wedding ceremonies.
Waitakere Ranges Regional Park – Karekare Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the country. It was even featured in the 1993’s Academy Award winning film, The Piano. There are two main campsites, both located at the entrance of the beach. One of these sites is easily accessible via road, while the other is a short walk away from the car parking area. The beach is not all that easy to find. In fact, most of the people who have been to Karekare were lost for a while trying to find it.
Facilities at the Campsites
All these parks are maintained by the Auckland Council and are safe to access. There aren’t many facilities at the campsites so prepare your trip accordingly. Some of these parks have coin operated barbeques but it is highly recommended that you carry your own gas cooker in order to prepare food. If you want to make reservations for a large group, book well in advance, especially if you are planning to camp during the summers. Public toilets are available in all the parks and some even have shower facilities. You’ll get cell phone coverage in most of the areas.

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