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Best music services providers


Sharath Komarraju

Subscription music services have always been a rage amongst Australians and lately, Spotify and JB Hi-Fi NOW have towered over all other subscription music service providers. All you have to do is shell out $15 on a monthly basis in order to gain access to millions of tracks no matter what their genres are. If you are willing to shell out a little more, then you can listen to these songs on your mobile phones and even access these songs as caches in offline mode.
Thus, instead of raking out money on a new album, you can just subscribe to Spotify or JB Hi-Fi NOW and gain access to the latest albums as soon as they are released online. The only repercussion attached to having a subscription music service is that if you stop paying the monthly fees, then you will not be left with anything.
Recently, Choice which happens to be a Consumer advocate group surveyed and analyzed 10 music subscription services namely Sony Music Unlimited, Samsung Music Hub, Spotify, JB Hi-Fi NOW, Xbox Music, MOG, Grooveshark, Guvera and Rara. Out of these, judges chose JB Hi-Fi NOW and Spotify on the basis of data consumption, value for money, music range, sound quality and ease of use as well as other supporting features. When it comes to sound quality, Spotify was declared as the best of the lot but its downside is that it sucks up lots of data at a time. In case if you wish to balance sound quality and data consumption rationally, then JB Hi-Fi NOW will be the perfect choice.

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