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Bieber will not face charges for threatening neighbour

 Bieber will not face charges for threatening neighbour

Justin Bieber narrowly eluded criminal charges after threatening his neighbour who complained about his reckless driving to a Sheriff’s deputy. The County Prosecutors of Los Angeles claimed on Wednesday that there was insufficient evidence against Bieber and it is not known whether he was driving his Ferrari at that time or was it someone else.
It all started in March when one of the neighbours of LA’s Calabasas neighbourhood complained to the Deputy Sheriff that Bieber came up to his door and threatened him for complaining to the Deputy and even spat. The teenage sensation has been known to show off his celebrity swag numerous times in the past also.
LA Prosecutor Alan Yochelson documented that the response of Justin Bieber was plainly immature and does not necessarily call for criminal action. Henceforth, Justin Bieber might not face any criminal charges as such. The Calabasas neighbourhood where Justin Bieber resides is a posh area filled with swanky cars and Bieber’s Ferrari has been known to make notorious manoeuvres. The complaint was made by the neighbour who states that Bieber drove his Ferrari recklessly through the area and could have caused casualties due to his stupidity.
Media tried to reach out to Justin Bieber’s representative, Melissa Victor who remained unavailable for comments. It is believed that Justin Bieber out of blind rage went and confronted the neighbour after realizing that a complaint was lodged against him. The altercation escalated quickly and Bieber apparently spat close to the neighbour which coaxed him to file the complaint.

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