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Made in India Magazine | October 30, 2020

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Campbelltown Council denies the permission to organize the Indian religious festival, Diwali at the local park

Campbelltown Council denies the permission to organize the Indian  religious festival, Diwali at the local park

| On 03, Sep 2016

Recently, the Indian community at Australia filed a complaint to the local council of discrimination after they have been refused to organize the festivities of the popular Indian Hindu festival, Diwali, at the local park in the north- east of Adelaide by Campbelltown City Council.

The president of Punjabi Association of South Australia, Kuldip Chugha stated that Diwali did not bring attraction to the wider community.

He stated, “They are saying that if you want to hold a function you have to speak English there. They make very discriminatory comments at their council meeting.”

According to Chugha, only the locals of the Campbelltown were allowed to organize events at the Thorndon Park.

He further stated, “We feel like Campbelltown City Council is not welcoming of a multicultural society. It was attended by Opposition Leader Steven Marshall and local members of Parliament John Gardner and Vincent Tarzia and the Governor of South Australia, so everybody likes it.”

Councilors John Kennedy and Neville Grigg stated their concerns about the events of the Indian community.

He stated,

“I’m not against multiculturalism, but ethnic groups do have a habit of hiding behind their language, as we have seen in recent years with certain groups in Campbelltown that have been here for many, many years. I really have a concern that we are just tying a noose around our head, around our neck, and we just will not be able to police all the conditions.”

It was Councilor Neville Grigg who first asked the council to deny the permission.

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