Celebrities With Strange Pets

 Celebrities With Strange Pets

They do different things in different ways to stand out of the crowd. Yes, we are talking about celebrities of show business who need to do all absurd gimmicks out of the urge of headlines. Sometimes, it’s because of their genuine desires and most of the time it’s because of their genuine designs. Let’s check out the list of top twelve celebrities with really strange pets.

  1. Mike Tyson once owned seven tigers in his LA home, just like the movie ‘The Hangover’. He also had pet pigeons.
  2. Justin Bieber, the youngest of this list, has monkey called Mally. Once the 19 years old celebrity was once in trouble in Germany owing to his pet. He broke health laws by sneaking his pet into his private jet.
  3. Michael Jackson had a chimpanzee in late 1980s and they two were often photographed together. He names his chimp as Bubbles. After the singer’s unexpected death in 2009, it was reported that, the old chimpanzee is living at a Florida primate sanctuary.
  4. Reese Witherspoon had two pet donkey named Honky and Tonky. They were so noisy that her neighbours had complained about it in official capacity.
  5. Megan Fox has several pets. Her normal pet collection includes cats, dogs and a parrot. However she has owned two uncommon pets as well. One of them was a pot-bellied pig named Piggy Smalls and a Bengal Cat named Rosh.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio has a 38 pound sulcata tortoise which is 13 years old and it could grow as big as 200 pounds and live for more than 70 years. He bought it for $400.
  7. Nicolas Cage is known for his extravagance and pets are not outside his shopping list. Once he had purchased two cobras and an octopus which he had to give up eventually.
  8. Kristen Stewart has a pet wolf-dog named Jack. According to Kristen it looks kind of scary but it is actually sweet.
  9. Miley Cyrus worked with couple of chickens in her movie ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ and she liked them very much. So, with permission of her mom, she took both of them to her home.
  10. Kelly Clarkson, the Grammy Award-winning pop singer had a strange thing in her Christmas wish list of 2010: pet goats and her wish came true. She named her two goats Nitrous and Billy Joel.
  11. Paris Hilton exactly knows how to make news. Once she was rushed to hospital for a tetanus shot because she was beaten by her per kinkajou named Baby Luv. It’s an animal like raccoon that is found in rain forests of Central and South America.
  12. George Clooney had a 300 pound pot-bellied pig which was very dear to him. It slept in his bed, joined him in his interviews and travelled with him round the globe. This pet, unfortunately, passed away in 2003.

“Celebrities do strange things because they are celebrity” or “they are celebrity because they do strange things” is a never ending debate like hen first or egg yet they are celebrities and we talk about them a lot, don’ we?

Ritesh Saxena

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