The colossal revolution of Ebooks

 The colossal revolution of Ebooks

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Gone are the days when one had to chase publishers in order to get their works published. In the new age, the brouhaha of Ebooks has taken over with some of the most remarkable stories being published online. Not only has this urged more writers to come out and pursue their passion for writing, but it has gradually turned into a money-spinning business for small-time writers aiming to make it big. Furthermore, with the introduction of Tablet-based reading platforms such as Kindle, more avid readers are switching to Ebooks instead of hard copies.
Nowadays, an author does not have to go through a publisher or an agent in order to make their books accessible to millions of readers all around the world. This new generation of writers has been bolstered by the advancement in technology and are gradually drifting away from outmoded publishing models. There are writers who write Ebooks for the sole purpose of fulfilling their creativity aspirations, while some write simply for their own enjoyment. But a wide percentage of upcoming writers are getting their works published online because of the lucrative revenue that these books generate.
Adding to that, the chances of Ebooks getting rejected is relatively lower than that of audio books, photography books or general textual write-ups. Statistics tell us that the sale of Ebooks went up by 50% in US and UK as opposed to traditional print books. There are surfeit of frustrated writers all over the world who have never been able to get their works published, but with the advent of Ebooks era, more talented writers are finally getting their books published on a global scale.

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