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We sometimes think models live lives so far apart from us normal folk that we cannot take anything from them. But when it comes to health, they must be doing something right. Here we see what it is.
Gigi Hadid is 19, the daughter of a model, and riding high. She was recently named one of the twelve rookies in Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue in 2014. Sure, she has sexiness in her DNA, and not all of us are so genetically blessed, but we wondered if there was something in her lifestyle that we could adopt so that we could look at our healthy best.
As it turns out, there is a lot to learn from this young belle. Read on.
• Catch illness at the roots. This is true especially when we travel, because travelling can get the best of us down, what with the change in weather and conditions around us. So whenever you’re travelling, pack your trusted anti-histamines and antibiotics with you, and when you feel the onset of something coming on, don’t ‘wait for it to worsen’ and take your medicines. It’s important to catch your sickness – as Gigi puts it – ‘at the root’.
• The model also makes it a point to proclaim her love for Juice Press, the home of green smoothies and juices. Her favourite is Spicy Citrus, which has ginger to fight congestion and cayenne pepper that cleans the intestines. We all follow her cue and introduce green juices into our diet to get that extra dose of fresh health.
• Gigi works out by boxing with a trainer. The lesson we’re taking out of this is that it’s great to exercise with something you enjoy. Swimming is a great example of workouts that are also fun, and so are jogging and biking in the mountains.
There you have it. Three quick lifestyle health tips from a model to you.

Jenn Patrick

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