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Decorating Rented Apartment – Mess to Success

 Decorating Rented Apartment – Mess to Success

So your dream of getting a job at a big corporate company in the glitzy over populated metro city had finally come true, but the reality dawned as you could only afford a messy little apartment with the miniscule salary you get. The cruel big metro city true story. You work hard for hours and you deserve to have a comfortable relaxing night. Here are some tips which can make your messy apartment sassy
1. Paint the walls with the colors you love, add texture and go crazy with your creativity. You will find mental peace because you start molding it to your own preferences. Please ask your Landlord before you do anything in the apartment and take a written permission. If the landlord doesn’t agree, paint your furnitures, get curtains and bed sheets of your choice, and make the space lively.
2. Use the floor a lot. Buy beautiful little carpet or yoga mat and place a little coffee table on it. Surround that place with a nice little square or circular cushion, which you can buy cheap in any departmental store. Do not buy a lot of expensive furniture. Your room needs breathing space and also every time you change apartments you will curse yourself.
3. Light the room to your preference. Get those soothing china balls for even feel of light across the room. Get creative with different color bulbs or multi colored LED lights.
4. Fill your walls with nice photo frames and paintings. Download free photographs or movie posters, print and frame them.
5. Add greens to your apartment. Buy those lively little plants and water them regularly.
6. Most of all get the energies right. Make sure you feel happy and comfortable with the changes you made.

Pradip Atluri

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