Desi Dhaba Indian Restaurant: A slice of Indian Food in Melbourne

 Desi Dhaba Indian Restaurant: A slice of Indian Food in Melbourne
Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

Are you a self-proclaimed Indian food connoisseur or a newbie looking for their first bite of Indian curry? Either way, you absolutely have to try Desi Dhaba. There’s no better place to experience traditional Indian cuisine. Desi Dhaba Authentic Indian Restaurant in Melbourne is as delicious and spicy as if it were made in India itself. And that’s because the food is prepared the way Indians like it. Tradition is very important to the staff at Desi Dhaba and they have many ways of showing their appreciation.

The menu is a combination of street food unique to the region and original recipes created by the restaurant’s very own talented chefs. The options are as expansive as they are mouth-watering, offering meat dishes such as chicken, lamb and goat in several different sauces and curries. Most dishes offer a wide range of spice levels from mild to medium to spicy so whether you’re a spice enthusiast or not, you can certainly find something within your spice tolerance.

Indian Restaurant in Melbourne & Sydney

As with any traditional Indian restaurant in Melbourne, Desi Dhaba also has a number of vegetarian options. The most popular among them are the Aloo Gobhi and the Channa Masala. Just when you think Desi Dhaba is already everything you could want in an Indian restaurant in Melbourne, they also offer an Indo-Chinese menu, for a unique and delightful combination of the most popular flavours from both these food-centered cultures. A typical meal will cost you $12-$16 AUD. Portions are significant so you can enjoy a filling meal for a reasonable price.


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Desi Dhaba’s ambiance only makes the eating experience better. From the walls of the dining room, which are decorated with extensions of countryside huts to the funny captions from the Indian truck drivers to the staff dressed in bright traditional Punjabi garments, dining is quite a delight at Desi Dhaba. The restaurant is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a family dinner, a birthday celebration, casual lunch with friends or a romantic date.

And speaking of the staff, in addition to the fantastic ambiance and delicious food, the service at Desi Dhaba is top-notch. The staff are attentive, courteous and professional. They listen to the customers’ requests and, when called upon to make suggestions, they do so with experience and training, leaving the customers extremely happy with their meals!

Indian Restaurant in Melbourne

But why take my word for it? Go see for yourself! The restaurant is open every day from 12am-2am & 11am-11:59pm, perfect for lunch, dinner or late night. The convenience of home delivery is also offered daily from 6pm-11:59 pm in the Melbourne area. If you’re a Melbourne resident or just visiting the area, stop by at 134 Flinders Street or call to make a reservation at (03) 9650, because Desi Dhaba is an experience you don’t want to miss!

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