A different ending given to Dexter Season Finale

 A different ending given to Dexter Season Finale

So finally “Dexter” came to an end on Sunday. But the last episode titled “Remember the Monsters?” has garnered mixed reactions from fans, some of whom are cursing the producers. But the original mastermind behind the show, Clyde Phillips, had a different ending planned for the season. The massive outrage amongst fans rose when the show came to a disturbing end with the story writers changing the whole ending plot.
Phillips, who now serves as the executive producer of “Nurse Jackie” said in a statement that he would have done something else had he still been with the show but since he chose to stay away, thus the others changed the storyline as per their interests and he does not have any issues as such with that. Moreover, he praised by telling media that he thought the crew carried out the last episode quite well. But he had not envisaged an ending of such sort although.
As per Phillips, the last scene would have ended with Dexter coming back to life. But as per the episode, Dexter does not wake up and the show ends abruptly with fans petrified as to whether Dexter is dead in his dreams or in reality. Some scenes gave the impression that Dexter was dreaming it all and this led to mass confusion as fans believed that Dexter was still alive and was just hallucinating.
To some extent, Phillips regrets that fact that he left Dexter and points out that his version of the last episode would have sufficed well as per the interests of the fans.

Priyam Chatterjee

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