The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ or ‘unification’. So it’s actually a surprise that we don’t do Yoga as couples and that most of us pursue it as a single activity. Whether your relationship is sailing smoothly or travelling in troubled waters, partner or couple yoga has the power to forge a bond between you and your partner that will prove hard to break.
Here are three reasons why you should consider partner yoga.
1. Teamwork
Believe it or not, when you’re doing partner yoga, you must work together to attain that perfect posture. You will need to put aside your individual differences for a while to work together, and when you reach your goal, you will bask in the warm glow of triumph.
2. Trust
Trust is the most important building block of any relationship. When you attempt the difficult yoga poses, you will need to place a certain amount of implicit trust in your partner, and you have to be worthy of the trust that your partner places in you. This will develop feelings of trust and intimacy in your relationship as well.
3. Unspoken communication
Couples over time develop an ability to tune into each other’s emotions without having to communicate them in words. To develop this habit and to enhance it, yoga can help you work on your body language. Because partner yoga involves a lot of eye contact, touching and physical proximity, couples will learn to communicate with each other without having to put their thoughts into words.

Indrasish Banerjee

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