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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. There is enough evolutionary evidence that suggests that men and women are not designed to agree with one another but to complement each other in various tasks. Now, new research suggests that men and women don’t see the same way either – even literally!
Women are more naturally able to distinguish between colours, says this study, whereas men are more inclined to track fast-moving objects and at discerning detail from a distance. In colour experiments, men and women ascribed different shades to the same objects. So if you spouse refuses to take your word that it is indeed brown and not beige, it may just be that he or she is seeing beige and not brown.
The study shows that men are less adept at distinguishing shades in the middle of the colour spectrum: blues, greens and yellows. As a child I’d always been confused between blue and purple. Now I know why.
As for being able to detect fast-moving objects and details from a distance, it’s easy to see how our hunter-gathering past environment could have selected for males who are able to spot predators and prey from afar and also to react to them. On the other hand, women, who hunted less and gathered more, had to be selected for colour consciousness and for being able to recognise objects close at hand.
This is also why colours ‘mean’ more to women, the study concluded. Whenever there were questions on what different colours meant in terms of abstract concepts such as mood and emotion, women almost always trumped the men.
As they say, it’s all in the way we look at things.

Jason Lee

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