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A New Year’s Eve is unique for many reasons; it is the time to reflect upon how the past year went and a window to a new beginning. In addition to welcoming a new year filled with many possibilities, some may or may not make a New Year’s resolution. But why should someone else’s choice affect yours? Hence before the clock strikes 12 and long before the part, deciding upon a few key goals would do you good.

If there is anything 2021 has taught us, we can never take our health for granted, especially when the pandemic is still not completely gone. Therefore, a renewed emphasis on your lifestyle aided by your choices is significant.

When I say health, I don’t mean a fancy new diet or workout regime to get you into shape; it is equally important to focus on maintaining your mental health. I am sure you know how people have been suffering due to a sheer lack of self-awareness when it comes to taking care of their mental well-being.

Create a list of simple, attainable resolutions and help you improve your present life conditions. The following tips will help you organize your messy life, provide fitness goals, and teach you how to calm down in stressful situations.

Manage your money

I am sure no one wants to be on a splurging spree in today’s economy unless they are a billionaire. However, there are various things for which you might need to spend money throughout the year. Hence wouldn’t it be better if you outline a budget so that at the last moment, you don’t panic?

Set aside funds for specific purposes, be it for medical expenses, travel, daily expenditures, and lastly, for emergency usage too.

Set up a cleaning schedule

Clean your house; yeah, there is no more straightforward way to say that. I am sure you remember your mom saying the same when she entered your room. But, at the same time, when you are a working professional with different responsibilities to juggle at once, it can be challenging to tidy up your house.

Well, of course, it can seem like a challenge if you have not cleaned it in a while and proceed to do so at once. Create a schedule to do a weekly dusting, wiping those nooks and crannies that you usually ignore. Timely maintenance of your kitchen appliances is also just as necessary.

Prepare a shopping list for groceries.

I am sure you have been in a situation wherein you had to scour through the fridge to cook something quickly, but you ran out of bread or milk. To avoid such cases, you can make a list of things you need to buy, including groceries, condiments, etc. This list-making is instrumental because it will also help you prep for your meals later in the week. Hence don’t forget to add all the ingredients that you have run out in the kitchen.

Make healthier lunches

“You are what you eat”. If you have heard this before, don’t just ignore it because it is the literal truth. I don’t need to tell you the multiple ill effects of regularly consuming burgers or fried items. But what I would advise is to prepare healthier lunches; now you before you sigh and say that it is a lot of work, we both know that it is not.

There are plenty of recipes that you could refer to with readily available ingredients and cook up a healthy yet delicious meal. However, I guarantee you that if you start including veggies in your meals, it will do wonders for your gut health.

Cut down on the bad habits.

There is nothing like taking a few smoke breaks in between a busy workday just to let off some steam, right?  

Wrong. Several puffs of cigarettes a day are leading you closer to heart and lung diseases ad you know it very well. Hence despite breaking several of your previous promises to not smoke again, how about you stick to it this time.

Yes, it is easier said than done, but you have to persevere if you don’t want to cough your way to an early grave. If that sounds mean, consider the damage you have projected to your physical health.

Alcohol is another friend that people can’t seem to get rid of. I call it a friend because it accompanies us on every sad and happy occasion. But we all know too much of anything can make you sick. Hence a glass of wine occasionally or beers with the buddies once in a while is alright. Moderation is the key to preventing anything from being an addiction or habit.

Get your body moving. 

Of course, we need to talk about exercise, and no one is asking you to get six-pack abs or an hourglass figure. I cannot stress how important it is to have an active life. Just eating healthy is of no use if you are not doing any physical activity for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day.

If you don’t have the time to do it regularly, do it twice or thrice a day. A balanced diet with minimum exercise is bound to make you healthier.

Take it easy

Yes, you are in a rat race, you have a career, academic or personal goals, but does it have to be at the expense of you having a meltdown. You can accomplish or achieve whatever you have set your mind to, and you can do it a lot more quickly if you have a good state of mind.

So, how do you maintain a healthy mental state?

You know how we declutter our closet or wardrobe, right? We can do that with our lives too. The process is relatively simple, detach yourself from anyone who persists in making your life a living hell. It could be that friend who is not your friend but pretends to be one and loves talking behind your back.

Nonetheless, constructive criticism is good, so if you have anyone who critiques your errors to help you realize your mistakes, appreciate them. But those who are downright horrible to you and makes you feel inferior cut ties with them. At the same time, surround yourself with people who support you.

Mediation is also a good and effective way to calm yourself. At first, it may be difficult for beginners, but there is nothing like it once you get the hang of it.

Do something enriching

With a full-time job, for some stressful academic schedule, while others have their hands complete taking care of both home and their professional lives, it isn’t easy to find the time. Unfortunately, stress has become a part of our lives, and it is essential to find ways to relieve that stress.

How do we do that?

I could give many examples, but they would not match what you love most. For example, some prefer to take long baths, a few indulge in listening to music, and others like to do physically intensive workouts.

However, if you find time, try to do something enriching; it could be reading a book, joining a new hobby class or simply having a heart to heart chat with friends.

Mohammad Ali Yasser

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