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Fashion hacks have become all the rage on the interweb these days. Don’t believe us? Go on, try a Google search on the phrase and tell us how many hits you get. And even a cursory perusal of the first few links is enough to tell you that they’re all the same. So today we thought we will bring you a short piece on which of those hacks make sense and which don’t.

The one about the socks
First, we love the idea of pairing socks together with a safety pin before you put them into the wash so that you don’t need to re-pair them afterward. How many times have we not gone hunting for the missing sock for hours on end? But make sure the pin is really safe, because those things come unhinged at just the wrong moment, and they prick at all the wrong places. On the balls of your thumbs, for instance.
The one about the wine
The tip about using white wine to clean red wine stains also gets an up vote from us. We firmly believe that any narrative in which alcohol is both problem and solution resonates deeply with life as we know it. Also, there is a nice ‘diamond cutting diamond’ theme around this tip that we fell in love with. Just for kicks, we tried to see if it works the other way too (i.e. will red wine clean a white wine stain?), but abandoned the experiment when we realised that white wine doesn’t leave stains. Oh, well.
The one about neck-fitting
There is a tip that says you can tell if pants fit you or not by wrapping them around your neck. If they’re your size, they should just wrap around once without overlapping, apparently. And what about such things as comfort, stretch, feel and look? If they think we buy pants just for their fit, then they must be really in cuckoo-land. We didn’t like this one. Almost half the charm of going shopping is to wear things and try them out in the changing room. Why would we replace that with this weird, self-strangling routine?
The one about stale bread
Did you know that the crust of stale bread cleans dirt stains from suede boots? Do you care? Yeah, we didn’t either. First, who keeps stale bread lying around the house? And second, what’s wrong with cleaning your suede boots with a nice wet cloth to clean those dirt stains? Running stale food items over shoes is not our idea of cleaning.

Christian Mc Karthy

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