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Yesterday, the 15th of March was the ‘World Sleep Day’ and many of you might not have known about it. It was a special day conjured for all of us to come together and celebrate the ‘miracle’ of sleep and maybe even celebrate it by getting a little bit more of it! Anyways, if it has recently been harder for you to have a sound sleep i.e. if you have been slowly turning into an insomniac, here are five bits of sagely wisdom which can help make your resting hours much more beneficial for your body and mind –unnamed
1)      Having a sound sleeping pattern at a young age can help avoid memory losses at an old age.
Yep that’s right, if you are one of those nocturnal creatures who fight through all nighters maybe because of work or maybe the plain reason being insomnia, there is bad news for you lot. Studies have proved that sleep deprivation at a younger age is strongly linked to memory problems at an elderly age. Those all nighters don’t look so good now do they?
2)      People can keep learning even in hibernate mode
It is universally known that sleeping helps in piecing together all the tiny chunks of information that our brain is fed during the whole day. But latest research has shown accurately that people can keep learning new information even in their sleep. Though I really would advise against depending solely on this method when your exams are nearby!!
3)      Too less sleep can inhibit the functioning of important genes
While it may seem advantageous to you to get through a few sleepless nights by relying on just coffee or maybe just quick naps at your desk, it is possible that more harm is being done to your body than you know. Latest research from Surrey University has proved the fact that less than 6 hours of sleep each night can seriously hinder the functioning of certain genes that aid the body in the process of self healing. Hence your body may be wearing down faster due to lack of sufficient sleep. The effects might not be visible now but you’ll certainly know later.
4)      It is possible to survive with very little of it at least for some time
Is it a good idea to avoid sleep? Not really. Can it ruin your health? Most likely. Can it shorten your life span? Most definitely. But it still has to be sacrificed sometimes and it is alright to do so sometimes.
5)      That snooze key is disturbing your peace
The snooze button in our alarm systems is a little trickster in itself since it always tricks our minds into believing that a little bit more sleep can help. It is nothing but a psychological folly and might actually be hurting your brain activity for the day. It’s not really sleep at all.
We hope the above mentioned information have enlightened you all on the importance of a good night’s rest. Have a good day!

Priyam Chatterjee

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