Five essential tricks for clear skin

 Five essential tricks for clear skin

They say beauty is but skin deep. But for most of us, a clear skin is the primary requirement if we’re to make a good impression. As schedules shrink and the pace of life quickens, we’re more and more reliant now on the passing glance, the hastily formed opinion, the quick judgement. Unhealthy skin – whether it is dryness, black heads or zits – were once the sole preserve of teenagers ahead of their dates, but now we’re all teenagers. We all need to look our best by keeping our skin clear and full of life. The good part is that it doesn’t have to take up too much of our time or effort.

Eat a lot of fruits

Tips for Clear Skin

Antioxidants prevent drying of the skin cells and keep them fresh for longer. All fruits have antioxidants in them, but berries are positively bursting with them. Make a bunch of blueberries or a blueberry smoothie a regular part of your diet, and see if it does not add that all important touch of life to your skin.

Mix up the brew

Tips for Clear Skin

Instead of your regular tea or coffee, have white tea on alternate days, both for the variety in taste and also for the polyphenols to take effect and make you look and feel younger. Say goodbye to those awkward wrinkles, and if you want a combination effect, throw in some raspberries and cacao nibs into your white tea, Don’t be surprised if you begin to glow.

Fish out the essential fatty acids

Tips for Clear Skin

For non-vegetarians, salmon once or twice a week for brunch will do wonders to maintain the health of the skin. For the greens among you, avocado is what you need to keep those cells nice and supple, well-aerated, and at their brightest best. These foods contain plenty of omega oils and essential fatty acids that moisturise and energise your skin.

Say no to caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means all the goodness that you feel when you consume it is not only temporary, but also borrowed from the future. If you get a good night’s sleep, you will never need a cup of coffee to get going, and you will see the difference in the mirror when you wake up. While you’re at it, also frown upon salt and try to eat a lot of leafy vegetables. Drink as much water as you can every day, because that will seep into your skin and keep it well hydrated.

Smile more

Tips for Clear Skin

Yes, that’s right. Go out with a friend, have some fun, smile and laugh all your troubles away. Give your body every opportunity to release those endorphins that lull it into a state of bliss. Psychological health and physical health are deeply entwined, and it is no wonder that there is a strong correlation between people who are viewed as beautiful and the amount of smiling they do on a daily basis.

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