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Five Vaastu Tips for your Kitchen

 Five Vaastu Tips for your Kitchen

With the outbreak of modernity and westernisation, several households have brought about the renaissance of Vaastu techniques while planning their new home. Vaastu is an age old energy channelisation and design system that is meant to increase the overall positive energy of the premises.
The Vaastu guidelines are primarily based in the Wind and Sun directions. Thus they add on to the ample cross ventilation and sunlight factor which is much required in every house.
The kitchen should be located in the South-East part of the house. Since nutrition is an important part of our lives, the food prepared in the kitchen should not only contain all the necessary nutrients but also should be prepared in a kitchen which is compliant with the basic Vaastu design rules. This not only ensures a better design for your kitchen but also helps you achieve a healthy and prosperous life.
Venus is the ruling planet of the kitchen and fire is the kitchen’s basic structural and functional ruling element. Most of these rules may seem unnecessary and ancient to you at first, but once implemented; you yourself will feel the positive changes in your life due to the Vaastu Shastra, bringing you and your family, happiness and serenity. .Some of the factors one needs to keep in mind while planning a kitchen design is listed below:
1. Firstly the kitchen should not be located anywhere below, above or next to the pooja room, toilet or bedroom. It should ideally be located in a South East corner of the house or the main building of the house to increase the energy levels of the house.
2. The sink or the wash basin of the kitchen should be located as far as possible from the stove, preferably in the furthest north east corner of the platform. All the utensils assigned for carrying water and pitchers for drinking water should be optimally placed in the North or the North East side of the kitchen.
3. The entrance to the kitchen should not be any of the corners. If kitchen doors are situated in the East, north or west side, it will be best for your kitchen according to Vaastu Shastra. Also one has to make sure that they do not keep the gas burner right in front of the entrance or door of the kitchen and should be placed in such a manner, that one faces the East while preparing the food.
4. Air vents and windows should be ideally located in the West and East directions of the kitchen, logically to increase the air ventilation. An exhaust fan or an electronic chimney can prove to be extremely efficient in this matter.
5. While decorating and accessorizing your kitchen, one has to make sure that the walls of the kitchen are always subtle or bright colours like rose, yellow, chocolate, orange or red. The flooring should be made sure of not being black in colour, any other colour would suffice.

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