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If you’re working in a full-time job and are thinking of making some money on the side, it may be easier than you think. Most of us stuck in a nine-to-five make the mistake of thinking that we need to get away from the treadmill to begin something of our own, but most often, all it takes is an hour or two extra of your day to build a nice, stable secondary source of income. So if you’re keen on making an extra buck or two, consider these following ideas.

Content writing

The world today is awash in content. Websites, blogs, e-magazines, portals and all these nice things have inundated the digital space, and they’re all jostling together desperately to catch the roving eye of the web browser. And all of them, no matter what their field, need content. Since most of us full-timers work at jobs that require some sort of competence with writing, content writing could be just the ticket to freelancing. The great thing with this is that you choose your pace and the subjects on which to write. Websites like and should help in your search. Be wary, though, that the pay is not high for generic content.


If you’re in the software field and if your company allows it, you can earn more than a little on your side, especially if you’re the enterprising kind who likes the process of coding. Webservices and databases are the current hot trends, and so are Python and Ruby programming, so go ahead and enrol yourself as a freelance programmer and see what comes up. Here you can expect pay in the range of $50-$70 and hour. Not bad at all, wouldn’t you say, for a part-time job that you enjoy?

Design and animation

The proliferation of content has also upped the demand for advertising, and with Youtube, everyone today wants to host a video channel. So people who have design and animation experience (or interest) are in high demand, because almost everybody who wants to sell something on the internet needs a flyer or an advertisement that has compelling graphics, catchy copy, and an innate visual appeal. If you’re good for Photoshop and vector graphics tools like Adobe Illustrator, you may be able to earn a comfortable side income freelancing as a designer or an animation consultant. The pay range is $40-$60.

Voice acting

Do you have a love for theatre? Were you part of your school and college plays? If the answer is yes, you may find it worth your while to sign up with the local theatre group in your area and see if your skills match up. If they don’t immediately, brush them up a little because there is a growing demand for dramatic readers and voice actors. If you have a rich reading voice, it’s even better. Almost all movies made today for the internet require voice-overs, and that’s where you come in. If you’re good, you can charge up to $70 an hour.

Patent law and legal writing

Law never loses its sheen. You probably won’t need to look for a side income if you’re a lawyer, but if you are, then legal writers and patent law consultants are big, big draw cards. All you need is a clear, concise writing style and an affable manner that won’t scare clients away (though some lawyers manage just fine without these things) and you will be set. You can safely charge upwards of $100 for consulting and close to $50 for writing.

App development and testing

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the smart phone is upon us. We no longer fiddle with buttons on our devices, we just swipe and slide and flick. The biggest market that has opened up with the advent of these little computers is that of apps. Today there is an app for everything that you can think of, and the possibilities are just beginning. So if you have skills in this area, you’re at the very cutting edge of technology, as they say. Just beware, though, that like all booming industries, competition is intense, and we may soon run into a glut. But at the moment, the pay range is $40-$60.
Of course, we’ve not covered all possibilities here. Many people follow their passions outside of work, and some of them end up making money. Writing fiction is a good example of a part-time job that will earn for you a steady income on the side while fulfilling your soul. In today’s world, if you want to freelance, all you need to do is to first ask yourself what you’d rather be doing, and then go ahead and do it. The resources are all there.

Good luck!

Jason Lee

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