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Fun Christmas Games To Try With The Whole Family

 Fun Christmas Games To Try With The Whole Family

Christmas is fun and should be a dull moment. Christmas doesn’t have to get boring once all the turkey has been eaten, all the batteries have run out on new toys, and all the wrapping sheet disposed of, No!

So, get creative this yuletide and play any of these seven Christmas games with your family – both kids and adults will love it.

Santa’s Scavenger Hunt

If your kids have received lots of lollies as gifts at Christmas, they don’t need to eat the lollies all alone. Instead, ignite the spirit of sharing by playing Santa’s scavenger hunt game, where other family members can also partake in the sugary delights! If possible, play this game outdoor so everyone can have a fun old-fashioned runaround!

Crafty Elves

If you’ve got lots of excess wrapping boxes, sheets, and ribbons after you have torn open the gifts, you don’t need to throw them away, No!

Keep them all in a safe place and play the crafty elves game in the afternoon, where the kids are made to create gift boxes and decorations for next year’s bounty.

Two Truths

This is an excellent family game and a perfect way of getting information from friends and family about their experience during Christmas! Ask each family member or friend to tell two true and one false Christmas gifts he or she received. Then the other friends and family members would vote on, which is a white lie! This game can be a hilarious game when outrageous Christmas gifts come into play!

Fun Christmas Games

Santa Rap

No one is old! Bring out the fun in everyone with this game. Organize all the different generations into groups of three, make each group pick a Christmas theme from inside a hat, and make them write a short rap about it. While the grandparents drop the rhymes, the kids write the song and everything result in a hilarious moment.

Christmas Time Capsule

On Christmas day, take photographs of all your guests and have them printed out. Make each person write what they wish for the year on the back of the print. Keep all the photographs in one of the revitalized gift boxes you made during the crafty elves game and ask a guest to hide it or bury it in the garden till next year.

This game is perfect for maintaining memories for years to come.

Memory Lane Charades

This is also a hilarious game. Pick up an event that occurred in the family, one that all the guests know about – it could be a new job, the birth of a child, an international or local event, a wonderful anniversary, etc. – and ask anyone to act it out in charades style. The winner picks the person to go next.

Random Acts of Kindness

Pick any of your Christmas gifts, whether small or big and walk together as a family or group of friends around the block, dropping the gifts into each of your neighbour’s home.

This is a beautiful act of kindness to those neighbours you know have had hard times all through the year or elderly locals that are alone.

Try out any of these games, and you will never have a dull yuletide.

Arpita Pawan

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