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Made in India Magazine | September 23, 2021

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Gadget Insurances and extended Warranty Providers

Gadget Insurances and extended Warranty Providers
Rahul Raj

In today’s world, technology is not only advancing at a rapid pace, but has broken several thresholds in the market as well as the scientific front. Several different types of gadgets with different applications have been and are being introduced in to the market almost every day. Whether it is home gadgets, portable ones, or even automobiles, the level of these new technology gadgets at every arena is at a spiking hike. One major issue that arises due to this is one sometimes loses track of his or her devices or has the misfortune of losing a few of their cool gadgets to thefts and accidents. In such cases, one looks to gadget insurance and warranty provided by the seller as that is our only safety net. Some gadget insurance providers that have developed their new niche in the market are:
1. Syskagadgetsecure .com
This newly launched mobile security services provides you protection and complete security from accidental damages, water/fire damages and theft. They also provide additional free pick up/ drop services for your gadget from your home and also antiviral services for your new technology gadgets.
As the name suggests, the services included by the gadget cops members currently cover only accidental damages. They were one of the first gadget insurance companies in India to provide a comprehensive explanation on how gadget insurance even for your home gadgets can profit you.
This company provides complete coverage and warranty services for certain devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc. Their extended gadget warranty cover is unique and includes faults like hardware failures, software and touchscreen malfunctions and errors in Wi-Fi antenna connection.
This company is based in New Delhi and has several tie ups with other companies that manufacture new technology gadgets and home appliances. They also provide mobile insurance plans and several other manufacturers which provide an additional one year warranty period.
Thus, whenever you buy a gadget, make sure that the gadget is backed by an insurance policy. You can also pay a little extra for extended warranty.

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