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Colour is an important part of every person’s life. It affects moods, and has the power to make us happy or miserable. In order to bring colour into their lives, people generally look toward paints. While that’s a great way, we think there are other, easier ways to achieve the same things. In this article, we tell you how.

You may think that paint is the easiest way to bring colour into your life and home. What if we told you that not only is it not the easiest way, but it is also the most expensive, least efficient way to do so? Besides, once you paint, you can’t go back for at least a few years. So in this article, we will tell you how you can add colour to your home decor without having to resort to paint.

Use light-coloured bed sheets and contrast that with dark pillow covers so that you bedroom will get that splash of colour. Have three or four different pillow covers handy so that you can change them whenever the mood strikes you. The best thing about pillow covers is that they go on and off at a moment’s notice.

Window curtains
These are not as inexpensive as pillows, but definitely cheaper than a full paint job. Most window curtains are available in dull, uninspiring colours, but give your imagination a boost and choose brighter, more patterned curtains for your rooms so that sunlight gets filtered in and makes your room colourful. You can also choose different colours for different rooms, giving each one its own unique mood.

Whether you choose artificial flowers or natural, setting up vases in carefully chosen spots all over your house is a lovely way to bring in freshness. Natural flowers have the added advantage of fragrance, though you must remember to keep changing them when they lose colour and fade. Artificial flowers are low maintenance, but they don’t have the same beauty.

Even if you’re not a reader, there is a certain class to erecting a beautiful wooden bookshelf against a wall and filling it with volumes of poetry and classic literature. Get transparent sliding glass doors, and if you don’t have enough books to display, you can also show off figurines, sculptures and glassware.

Carpets and rugs
If you haven’t changed your rugs and carpets for a while, maybe it’s time to replace those worn out pieces with vivid patterns and colours. Rugs can also be mounted on the wall to create a stunning tapestry. Like a cheap wallpaper, you can not only change these whenever you want, but you can also create a different look in each room of your house.

People get slipcovers for their couches and don’t change them for years. Like with pillow covers, this is about the easiest way you can mix and match the look of your living space. Keep with you five or six sets of slipcovers – at least one for each season – and keep changing them. Blue for winter, yellow for summer, white with red roses for autumn and so on.

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