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‘All of us have at one time or the other thought of having a one-night-stand. Today we dissect the idea, and look at what might happen if care is not taken.’
In the age of sexual liberation, almost all of us have at some time or the other considered having a one-night-stand. This is regardless of gender, because more and more women are discovering that fear about unwanted pregnancies is no longer valid. They’re as open to experimentation and excitement as men are. This is probably the first thing we must accept when we’re discussing the topic of one night stands: they’re undeniably fun, and provide that adrenaline rush that we all crave.
However, as they say, nothing comes for free. The definition of a one night stand, strictly speaking, is that you meet a stranger, go to bed with them within a few hours of meeting them, spend the night, and then go your separate ways after that without getting back in touch. Even for the risk-taker, this approach is a little too risky because of the unknown.
The first fear is that of a sexually transmitted disease. When passion and lust drive our behaviour, it is entirely possible that we engage in activities that put our very lives at risk. There is a wide range of known diseases that transmit through the transfer of sexual fluids, so if you really must have a one night stand, make sure that you have strict rules around the mechanics of love-making: i.e. no oral sex, and if you have to have penetrative sex, always, always use a condom.
The second, more subtle fear is that how serial one-night-stands can affect you mentally and emotionally. Since such casual sexual encounters don’t have anything to do with commitment or emotional connection, it is possible that you will turn into a cold-hearted person after a few such experiences. You may begin to think of sex as a purely transactional event between two individuals rather than thinking of it as a means to deepen human relationships. This may lead to a lack of empathy, sometimes even resulting in depression and anxiety.
Long-term stress is also a likely consequence of having habitual one night stands. Since they come with no commitments, one or both of the partners that indulge in this experience may come away from it with feelings of self-loathing and sadness.
As an alternative to pure one night stands, why not try a variation by exploring casual encounters with friends that you already know? Whether you’re single, or whether you’re in a committed relationship and wish to experiment, a better solution may be to find a willing partner who is in the same space as you (both single, both married etc) to explore your sexual sides together. It will help if you’re good friends and if you communicate with each other quite strictly before the fact on what the boundaries of your relationship are going to be.
Best of all, why not get into a committed relationship and explore your sexual side with your long-term partner? That is of course the safest option.


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