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Have We Found the Perfect Fuel?

 Have We Found the Perfect Fuel?

Environmental sustainability is important. Humans have exploited Nature’s resources for so long without giving anything back that we are in a terrible situation at this moment. We have ended polluting the air, water and the soil, while also depleting several natural resources of energy and power.
When the European Commission pledged to cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in the EU, it appeared that people had finally begun giving more time to these issues. However, the execution has not been fantastic yet. All of us need to contribute regularly if the objective is to be achieved. At this point, the lack of effort suggests that it will not be a very successful venture. In fact, according to the UN, the world will need to see some massive changes socially for this pledge to be fulfilled.

What could be the perfect fuel?

All industries need fuel as do households. This means that it is high time we find an alternative source. Ingelia, a Spanish company, has stepped up to the task and comes up with an industrial process that would allow them to create biocarbon fuel. The best part is that it can be made using sewage.
The fuel hence produced can be put to use like coal. It burns exactly like coal but does not produce any carbon in the process making it better for the air. This fuel also emits less waste in the form of sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine. Ingelia is not only recycling organic waste but also producing a sustainable biocarbon which releases fewer emissions. If pollutants like CO2 are not added to the air every time you need energy, then you would be doing your bit for the environment. Ingelia has truly revolutionised the movement by crafting this sustainable energy source.
With lesser residual pollutants than coal, it is the perfect choice for all those people who are not ready to compromise with their experience. Since it has the same potential in energy production as coal, the switch might be easier than what one expects. This biocarbon, named “biochar”, might be exactly what we needed. We will get the same performance as coal while ensuring a cleaner environment. Marisa Hernández and her partners at Ingelia came up with the idea of biochar a decade ago.

Creating biochar?

According to the CEO company, this special industrial process is conducted at a particular pressure and temperature, the former being 20 bars and the latter being 200ºC. The purpose is to dehydrate the organic matter. The humid substance left behind is siphoned off in the form of a liquid, and that is how the company rids the biochar of most of the carbon. This thermochemical conversion process is also responsible for the elimination of other harmful wastes too. This method takes almost eight hours to complete. You are left with a solid and dry material that you can burn as fuel without having to worry about emission.
Not only is Biochar a great way of stocking renewable energy for the future by creating biomass, but it is also perfect for everyday use.

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