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Horoscope Forecast – June 2014

 Horoscope Forecast – June 2014

The month of June brings a lot of prosperity in several regards, especially for people working in the business field. With the current combination of celestial bodies in the solar system, people in the artistic and creative fields will thrive with vigour. The combination of Venus-Saturn during this month would cause setbacks for people guided by calculative and pragmatic notions. Mercury will also align itself after the powerful duo of Venus-Saturn surpasses and shower positivity generously, over all who require luck in businesses.

Friendships should be valued during this month as it is most likely that one will benefit from these relationships of their comrades.

ARIES aries

The zodiac sign of Aries will float through this month effortlessly. They will feel super-human and Mars will be the key planet playing celestial leader for this sign, which helps in uniting the other planets for this fire sign and also renders additional sign benefits. Luck and prosperity in the field of business and entrepreneurship is evident. One has to take care of emotions during this month with respect to close members of friends and family. People belonging to this sun sign have to keep in mind that luck can wear out; it is only the skills and talents we develop, that can lead us to success.

TAURUS taurus

For Taurus, the month of June can be an exceptional time in terms of good luck and fortune. During this month, Venus- the planet ruler of this sign will accomplish several positive emanations and combine its ability with the Sun – Exalt of Taurus. People who want to start their own ventures and organizations; this is the right time for you. June will bring unprecedented luck and wealth to all, and Taurus is a vital example of this. People working under someone else will feel the urge to start their own entrepreneurs. Technical aspects of work and production should be accounted for in business. Those suffering in relationships are recommended to not miss any opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.

GEMINI gemini

The leading sign of the air trigon can account for an extremely fortunate set of circumstances in all arenas of life. Conflicts resolve themselves with minimal efforts and things start to settle down. The optimism will be evenly spread throughout the month for most people. Work is recommended to be taken upon oneself seriously so that one can feel the secure at work. Stability is achieved within this month in all spheres of life and time should be taken to concentrate on one’s self being and development. Creation of a work plan and moving forward should be an integral part of everyone’s agenda during this month. Relationships will flourish and this period is forecasted to be extremely fortunate on the love front for Gemini.

CANCER cancer

The amount of luck and good fortune this sign will experience during the month of June is unparalleled. The Moon, being the traditional ruler of the Cancer sign, will gift its earthly protégé with active creative energy which provides all the artists and people in the creative field a guaranteed inspiration supply. The extraordinary alliance between Jupiter and Mars will render its people with very powerful and all round positive results. A plethora of possibilities and opportunities are offered to people in the business and entrepreneurship field. Attention should be provided to people around you and family in order to avoid missing out on golden offers.

LEO leo

Intuition and self-confidence goes a long way for Leos this month. They might face difficulties reacting to rapidly changing events in their lives. The energies in the work sphere will be compensated due to the combined effect of Pluto and Uranus. The month of June will render to be quite ordinary and unsuccessful for this fire sign, but self-control and demeanour will help you overcome several difficult situations. This is perhaps the only ambiguous moment. Wishes will get fulfilled timely and it is recommended to resolve love and relationship quarrels on spot, rather than postponing or waiting. The month of June should be prioritized with relaxation and fun for the Leo.

VIRGO virgo

The month of June will prove to be positive for this sun sign. The sign ruler, Mercury, will provide protection from highly negative manifestations and extremely bad environments. The few difficulties that arrive in your path will not pose a great danger. Possibility of serious conflict should be avoided with the management of your firms and attention should be paid to businesses in the beginning of the month. Personal relationships will not pose any threats during this month, and active efforts will lead to positive results. Attention should be paid with renewed vigour to your lover for an affluent future.

LIBRA libra

It will be very hard to keep Librans focused on their local environment as they will be too busy dreaming of exotic shores this month. Any art or writing projects created during this retrograde may have a travel theme or be inspired by those faraway places. Before all that fancy foreign stuff however, the June 13 Full Moon falls in your 3rd house which means some homework and research needs to be done before you go off on your big adventure. Undoubtedly, behind every decision there will be a set of events that will be quite stable and without any sort of distinctive colouring. This situation will develop because the key planetary combinations of the celestial bodies of the Solar System, that are directly influencing the lives of the Libras, will fully compensate each other. Venus, the planet-ruler of Libra, will focus its attention on the area of personal relationships.

SCORPIO scorpio

For the zodiac sign of Scorpio, June 2014 will be a relatively successful period. Of course, there is some possibility of conflicts and ambiguous situations; however, you should remember that there are no ideal time periods. However, in comparison to other zodiac signs, Scorpios will be much luckier this month. The thing is that most planets that are influencing people of this sign in one way or another are sympathetic towards the Scorpios. April and May were high maintenance, tense months due to the appearance of the two monster eclipses, April 15 and April 28. The latter eclipse, April 28, was in Taurus, the sign that opposes yours, so if your birthday falls at the end of October, you may have felt unusual stress from a close romantic or business relationship, or suffered a health concern at month’s end, but this month will pose to be relaxing for you.

SAGITARIUS sagittarius

The representatives of the given zodiac sign will receive powerful allies even among those celestial bodies that have previously been quite negative towards this sign. Positivity will be experienced in the sphere of work due to the work of Mercury. Significant events should be planned during the latter part of the month to avoid difficulties due to the influence of the black moon. Risks should be minimized and relationships can be taken to new levels this month. June will be an overall calm month for people belonging to this zodiac sign and harmony is achieved in terms of emotional behaviour. In terms of the relationship with friends and close ones there are no foreseen conflicts, everything will run its course on the far-determined path.

CAPRICORN capricorn

Life certainly has not been dull for you, but as you enter June, you will say that you would love a quiet month to catch up and reflect upon all that has happened over past months. At the same time, it is quite evident that on the “love front” everything will be going even better than a Capricorn could have imagined. This will be the fault of the combined positive influence of the Moon and Mars. The work sphere of the Capricorns will be the concentration of the maximum amount of problems and conflicts. On the dawn of the first ten-day period of the month you can already prepare to not finding a common language with the management, so all your initiatives should be postponed to a better time. No matter the problems on the work front, the family hearth will be burning well and positively. It is likely that your relationship with your current lover will be strengthened by your joint activities.

AQUARIUS aquarius

The finishing sign of the air trigon can rely on luck being at its side. People belonging to this zodiac will sail through smoothly this month. Aquarius will concentrate most of his positive energy on the sphere of business. In this respect, the Sun will also be on the side of Mercury. The celestial bodies with the positive attitude will provide you with everything you require – confidence, drive and energy. You will just have to implement your plans into life.  If you will contain yourself and call upon the priority of the mind over feelings, then you will definitely be successful and most of the problems will be resolved in the shortest time possible. Tackling problems through emotions can prove harmful to you.

PIECES piecesThis month will bring to you a diverse variety of emotions, most of which will be positive. All issues will be resolved and Jupiter will grant unfair luck to this sign all through the month. All complicated and difficult projects at work should be undertaken without any shadow of doubt as this month will prove to be rather successful at the work front. Good luck will be pouring out from all areas of life. Direct communication with loved ones helps alleviate potential problems. Time scheduling will help you respond better to the opportunities that come your way. Overall this month will a great time for you at work and home.

Priyam Chatterjee

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