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Horoscopes for the month of May 2014

 Horoscopes for the month of May 2014

The month of May 2014 is all about relationships not only couple relationships but also friendships, collaborations and associations.  Venus during this month will come under conjunction with Uranus while Mars will head towards a straight movement in terms of relationships.
Things are expected to come to a haul and calm down once Sun, now located at Gemini resumes work as a pacifist and a mediator. Furthermore, the transit of the mighty Sun towards Taurus will lead to the times of perseverance and willingness in one’s life.
By the 3rd of May, Venus the planet of affection and love will start to enter Aries. With a planet as soothing as Venus in your lives, you will have compassion and gestures of sensuality to fill your life with happiness.
You will start to win other people’s attractions with your beauty and calmness and will focus more towards maintaining your beauty.
Looking at the professional front, the month is likely a good time for investment and business exposures especially the latter half of May. Good news for those willing to invest in mutual funds, loans and recuperations as the month of May comes with great profit opportunities.
However, fears like stress are still likely to burden you but the presence of a serene planet like Venus is likely to lessen this effect.
The month of May brings in a lot of reasons for your cheer.  Saturn which hauls over Taurus during this month will lead to a very restrictive influence.  Also, a planet as lovely as Venus will take a swing of emotions and between the time periods of 3rd to 29th is expected to enter a very introvert and mysterious phase of life. During such times, one is likely to expect moments of loneliness or disappointment. You will also face many limitations in your relationships and would only admire to be in a secret relationship.
During this period, the Sun also begins to be precisely located around Taurus and would highlight the quality of self confidence and vitality in you. The energy of the Sun will help you win in any case even if you feel that someone is holding you back. Health wise also, you are likely to have excessive energy due to the Sun and this will clearly show from your actions. It is therefore advised that enjoy as much as you can this month as you will totally be high on energy.
The following month focuses on a more practical approach in life than having a sentimental one. This month you will experience phases of laughter and thrill by your partner’s side but won’t indulge in any kind of emotional aspects in your relationship. This is probably because of the transit of Mercury into Gemini which eliminates any kind of romance from your lives.
The month is marked with new social groups and gathering where there are chances of a new relationship to blossom. Career wise, this month is the best time for conferences, deals, paper presentations and other logical work. There are also chances of a short trip for Gemini people. The second half of the month will keep you more organised and assure success.
This time of the year is probably the phase when both you and your spouse are likely to have different versions of the same story. This can lead you to feel that there isn’t any mutual understanding between you two and coming on terms together might seem a bit difficult.
While looking at the other side, the month of May is likely to raise your bar in terms of expectation levels and it is advised that you look upto all the things in a more humorous way to ease upon the tensions you might face.
As usual Cancerians will continue to lead the game with all of their magnificent charm and will continue receiving admiration at social gathering. You shouldn’t be surprised at people gossiping behind your back.  The last week of May is likely to provide ample balance to your life. All you have to do is to ease on the stress and pressure that you face.
The direction of love will open new ideas and emotions in your life. You are likely to experience a spiritual experience along with your partner this month. Romantic trips are more likely to place this month and Leo people are expected to seek privacy on their emotional levels.
The sun who rules Leo is expected to shower you with all the success you desire. You will strive to reach at the top spot be it career or your relationship and will receive all the praises for whatever work you do.
Jupiter, the ruler of Virgo is very lucky for it during the month of May.  Even if you face a few difficult moments in life, peace and tranquillity will be restored and one will enjoy with joy like before. The plant Jupiter will shower you with the sensation of lust and romance and will encourage all sort of romantic experiences this month.
This month you have great accomplishing potential in whatever work you do. Mercury’s position on Virgo will lead you more towards your goals and ambitions. This very month you will be high on energy and also strike a balance at the professional level and experience morale upliftment. Also you are advised to stay metres away from dangerous object as they might harm you.
Venus transits in the house of Libra till 29th of May and will lead to the happiest times at the emotional level in one’s life. Even if you don’t have a partner yet, you will start seeking for romance in your life as a planet as romantic as Venus has entered the house of Libra.
Also, Jupiter will continue to rule Librans and provide you ample opportunities and successes. Mars also located in Libra will start its activities once again and make you feel competitive and dynamic all month long.
Finances will be just average this month yet there is scope for new ideas in business. It is therefore advised to avoid any sort of financial decision this month unless necessary.
The sun will begin its transit in Scorpio and will lead you to feeling that you need to be with someone in life. This time of the month is the time to sharing, caring and loving and to sideline all sorts of loneliness. For people who don’t have a partner, the transit of Venus into Scorpio will lead you to share an amicable relationship with the opposite sex at work, home or any other environment.
Also, this month merely focuses on independent decisions or actions by Scorpions which can lead you achieve great heights. Your income would be pretty average at the financial level but new opportunities are likely to open up by the end of May. Your health will suffer and would need a bit of your attention or medical care.
The month of May brings in a lot of excitement in terms of sex, fun and sensuality as Venus the planet of love captures Sagittarians attention. It will create an urge in you to boost your sexuality and flaunt them in front of people of the opposite sex.
While on the other hand, Mercury will keep you occupied in handling communications with your love and lead to impressive exchange of ideas.
You will also be financially very strong this month as you take steps wisely and never end up in careless actions. Also, the motion of the Sun causes a radiance of energy to bloom in your lives proving this month to be a lucky one for you.
At this point of the month, you will start feeling the need of a balanced and a stable life. You might start discussing the idea of starting a family or getting hooked up. You may plan a reunion or get gifts from your loved ones in the month of May.
You will face any sexual desires but will have strong control over it unless you are extremely sure of your partner. The transit of Mars will provide you ample energy and boost your performance however at times Mars can often cause troubles like conflict at workplace, unfair deals etc. Infact, this month reflects the two faces of Mars: one is the turbulent one while the other one is that of enterprising.
The very first week of the month will cause peace and tranquillity to prevail in your life. You will be at harmony with your life, family and friends. As soon as Mercury enters Aquarius, the feeling of eroticism and sensuality begins to dwell. You might feel the desire to flirt with the opposite sex.
Also the month of may will lead you to excellent business ventures and help you promote your deals to a great extent. For students, you will be able to focus more on studies by grasping new things quickly.
The months of May is a real treat for Aquarians and are advised to live each and every moment of it!
The following month is a very stable period for the Pisces. You will realise the importance of your family and focus on domestic as well as financial preoccupations. You will be more inclined towards compassionate people and would avoid the company of harsh and wild people.
The month leads you to a very busy period full of travel and meetings and social gatherings.  The best time for making speeches and presiding over meetings will be the first week of May. Your poor hygiene may lead you towards a sick health.

Priyam Chatterjee

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